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Air Nostrum to lease out six aircrafts Standard

The Air Nostrum plan to increase revenues by leasing a part of their fleet is starting to work. After several attempts to rent some aircrafts to operators from Panama or Uruguay, the airline is about to reach an agreement and lease some planes to an Argentine airline.According to local media Sol Líneas Aéreas will operate between two and six 50-seater CRJ-200 from the Air Nostrum fleet as from October, who no longer use this aircraft type due to lack of efficiency for their traditional schedule market.This operation would follow the new guidelines that Carlos Bertomeu, CEO for Air Nostrum, announced last November. The airline started a…

Goodfly to connect Tenerife with Rome, London and Berlin Standard

Goodfly Logo

We have noticed that many of you are seeking information about Goodfly, in continuation with our post which gave some details about them.You might like to know that they are now using the Danube Wings fleet to operate their programme.In fact, the Danube Wings IATA and ICAO codes (V5/VPA) are displayed in the Aena’s web site as Goodfly.As already explained, Goodfly do not have an AOC.In other news, La Opinión de Tenerife reports that Goodfly have announced new direct flights to connect Tenerife North with Rome-Fumicino, Berlin-Tegel and London-Heathrow starting in the second week of October.According to this piece of news, Goodfly clarified some of these connections are…

Foreign tourism anticipates a record year Standard

Despite the bad start of the year and the poor expectations based on flight bookings, the beginning of the high season (July to September) anticipates a record year in hotel occupancy and income thanks to the foreign tourism.A key for this change to happen is the strength of our three big source markets (the United Kingdom, Germany and France) which bring 55% of the foreign tourism. The first data handled by entrepreneurs indicate unprecedented occupancy rates since the start of the financial crisis. The expected rates would be over 80% in August in five out of the 6 major touristic regions…

Handling licenses in Spain Standard

In continuation with the tender for the handling licenses in Spain, please see below the following two pieces of news which might be of your interest:Menzies aims to become one of the 3 main handling operators in SpainEuropa Press informs that Menzies will place bids to become one of the three main handling operators in Spain.They aim to get the ramp handling licences for, at least, one of the 3 groups in which the 24 smaller airports have been spread. Each group would have an overall passenger volume by 3 million and they will be the first invitation to tender. Afterwards, there…

Vueling shares no longer listed Standard

Vueling shares are no longer listed on the stock exchange According to the information found in Vueling shares are no longer listed on the stock exchange since the 9th of August once the takeover bid by Veloz Holdco has been settled. Veloz Holdco is a subsidiary of IAG, which is the resulting company from the merger of Iberia and British Airways. IAG is supposed to hold Vueling shares by 97.52%    

Higher fees expected if Fomento privatize AENA Standard

Fomento privatize AENA: Aena is studying to privatize the 51% of its shares; consequently airlines are expressing their alarm to Ministry of Development (Fomento) about the possibility of AENA to become a “private monopoly” that would increase the prices by offering lower quality services. To avoid the monopoly, the AECA’s President Mr. Felipe Navío, proposes AENA to split into three companies, each one headed by Madrid Barajas, Barcelona El Prat and Palma de Mallorca Son Sant Joan.Within the group of Madrid would be included Alicante, Ibiza, Fuerteventura, Tenerife North and Santiago airports. Barcelona would integrate Las Palmas, Arrecife, Sevilla, Mahon…

Fomento fixes the increases of Airport charges for the next five years Standard

On 3rd August it has been published in the BOE a modification of Law 21/2003 by which is ratified the agreement reached between AENA and the airlines association to control the increase in airport charges in the coming years.According to this, the maximum increases allowed for the next five years are 2.5% in 2014, 4.5% in 2015 and 5.5% in 2016, 2017 and 2018.From 2019 onwards, AENA reserves the right to recover the deficit incurred by increasing the airport charges. Source: B.O.E.  

New Air Security fee: F factor Standard

As we had already anticipated here, the “Ley de Seguridad Aerea” has been finally modified by the Government and consequently the F Factor fee currently for 0.38€, has been replaced by a new one named “Tasa de Seguridad Aérea” of 0.579885€ per departing passenger, as it was published on the Official Gazette BOE on 5th July 2013.The new tax will be effective on 5th October 2013 and it won’t be charged to those passengers who had acquired their ticket in a date prior to the entry into force of the fee, regardless of the flight date.It is also confirmed that the…

Swissport Spain calls for an indefinite time strike Standard

According to the media, Swissport Spain calls for an indefinite time strike after lack of agreement with Swissport Spain. This strike would be as from 10th August and according to the media would affect to Barcelona, Jerez, Almería, Alicante, Málaga, Fuerteventura, Valencia and Madrid cargo terminal with specific calendars, so we suggest contacting your local staff or agents for further clarify.According to the media, Unions say that Swissport is not complying with the agreed CPI increase and the agreed shifts system. On the other hand, media explain how Swissport Handling (which serves Madrid and Lanzarote airports) reached an agreement with UGT and USO Unions but not with CCOO (the other main union). Source: