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Aena becomes profitable Standard

Aena’s logo at Madrid Airport / David

Aena becomes profitable: The Aena Group published a press release confirming they had become profitable with benifits by 715 million Euros in 2013. According to this has been possible thanks to cuts in costs and increases in fees.Thus, the EBITDA – gross operating profit – reached 1,610 million Euros, 32.5% over those 1,215 million of 2012.Most of these net benefits come from Aena Aeropuertos which, for the first time, managed to be profitable and finished 2013 with a net income of 597 million Euros. In 2012 they had a loss by 75.7 million Euros.The Government is trying to privatise Aena Aeropuertos since June 2011 when the…

10 bids have been placed for the Handling licenses in 22 Spanish airports Standard

A380 receiving ground handling services at Frankfurtt

On March, 20 Aena launched a press release informing on the bids that had been placed for the ramp handling licenses to be tendered in the Spanish airports as per the Terms and Conditions that had been anticipated.This is our translation into English:20 March 2014 10 bids have been placed for the public tender called by Aena to award the licenses for 22 airports of the net. In particular, these bids are referred to the first phase of the tender on ground handling to third parties for 22 airports which serve less than one million passengers a year and have an only handling agent….

Vueling about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain Standard

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The latest stats published by Aena leave Vueling about to catch Ryanair. So far in 2014, the Irish low cost airline has lost activity in Spain by 14.70%, serving 2.9 million passengers. However, Vueling increased by 22.6% between January and February reaching 2.8 million users. With this, Vueling has almost removed the difference that Ryanair had in the first two months of 2013: it was 1.11 million passengers and has become only 0.01 million customers now.It is difficult to foresee whether the Vueling’s approach will be consolidated as most of the Ryanair’s reduction has taken place during the winter season, when…

Consultation Process of airport rates for year 2015 Standard


Aena Aeropuertos has initiated the consultation process with Airline Associations on the amendments of airport charges for year 2015.The Aena’s proposal maintains the agreements reached with the airlines in 2013 to smooth the cost recovery process, which was set by Royal Decree 11/2013, and fixes the maximum increases until year 2018 as following: In 2015 the increase will be of CPI+3%. The maximum has been fixed  at 4.5% In 2016 the increase will be of CPI+4%. In this case, up to a maximum of 5.5% In 2017 the increase will be of CPI+4%. The fixed maximum is 5.5% too. In 2018 the increase…

Agreement Iberia-handling employees Standard

Iberia A320 / Mikebert4

The negotiations between Iberia and the handling employees are expected to have finished by this week. Only a few days before the deadline for placing bids for the first handling tender on March, 20.Servimedia – Spanish news agency – was informed that Iberia achieved a deal with the representatives of the handling employees which would let them compete both in the handling tenders and in the aircraft maintenance market. To this respect, it is worth noting ActualidadAeroespacial informed that Iberia-Maintenance had reached an agreement with Evelop Airlines to perform the aircraft maintenance at the Iberia’s Barcelona base. In this market, Iberia intends to keep the Vueling’s contract,…

Air Europa to grow by 20% in 2014 Standard

Air Europa, A330 landing at Madrid airport / José Luis Celada Euba

Air Europa’s chairman, Juan José Hidalgo, attended a meeting on Wednesday. He confirmed they will be starting operations in the new skyTeam airline’s hub on May, 15 according to Europapress. Thanks to the agreement reached with Aena, Air Europa will concentrate all operations in terminals 1, 2 and 3 of Madrid airport. Mainly in T3 and T2 where they will operate domestic and Schengen flights, while they will use T1 for the long haul. The new hub will also allow Air Europa to boost connections between Madrid and Latin America, the Caribean or North America. Also, they expect to open new…

Foreign airlines will continue to grow in Málaga Standard

Málaga Airport Terminal - © Leoncio J / Flickr

Official data from Aena says eight out of the first ten operators in Málaga airport are not Spanish airlines. made contact with the management of four foreign airlines. They highlight the importance of Málaga for their companies although they showed their concern about the future, considering the doubts on the Aena’s privatisation process and the airport prices that will have to be paid in the medium and long term. This is a key to analyse the returns and decide the investments. Ryanair The leading company in Málaga is Ryanair. Last year they served nearly three million passengers, about double its closest competitor. This means…

The new Aena Charges are already in force Standard

Graph diagram pie chart 3d

The new Aena charges: On March, 1 the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) published the Law 1/2014. Through this law, the expected changes in the Aena charges are made official and have therefore immediate effect.As a consequence of this law, all fees charged by Aena since March 1 will be updated as previously explained in this summary.The Aena charges have been updated in our Flight Cost Calculator accordingly for your easy check and understanding. If you have any doubt just leave us a message.Due to the fact that Aena stopped collecting the approach charge, this fee does not appear in our FC Calculator any longer.On the other…