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Aena’s IPO is postponed at least until February 2015 Standard

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Yesterday, the Spanish Government decided to postpone the Aena’s IPO which was expected for November, 12. The reason behind this is that there was a “formal defect” in choosing the auditor for that process; there was not a public tender. This auditor is supposed to be responsible to ensure that the company accounts are in order before being listed on the Spanish stock exchange. Yesterday, informed that, last week, the Government’s board should have approved the Aena’s IPO for a 28% of the company to go public. Afterwards, the Spanish Agency for market regulation – CNMV – was supposed to authorise the brochure….

Qatar Airways to fly Barcelona – Latin America in agreement with Iberia Standard

Boeing B773 Qatar In FC Barcelona At London Heathrow by David Osborn - Flickr

According to the information published by LaVanguardia, Qatar Airways intends to fly between Barcelona and Latin America. During the Aviation Partnership Summit, Akbar Al Baker – CEO of the airline – confirmed that they would do that only in the case that Iberia and the other Oneworld airlines were in agreement. Qatar Airways is a member of the Oneworld alliance since October 2013. Even though Iberia is leading the Latin American market in Europe, if they had capacity constraints in certain destinations, Qatar Airways would see a business opportunity for them. Al Baker takes into consideration Barcelona only, since Madrid is Iberia’s hub…

Winter 2014 season seats up 5% in the Spanish airports Standard

Some screen shots of the Flight Consulting Customised Airport Statistic Tool

Last Friday Aena announced, through a press release, that airlines have scheduled 41.7 million seats for departures from the Spanish airports during the winter 2014 season, which has just started on October 26 and will last until March 28. This amount is 5% over the one scheduled at the beginning of winter 2013. The number of expected departure flights has also increased, in this case, by 4.7%: there are over 264,000 planned take-offs from the Spanish airports. The airports which offer has increased most are the three main Spanish airports: The good trend for Madrid airport is confirmed with 11.4 million seats…

Volotea to open up to 5 bases in Spain Standard

Volotea's B-717 take-off from Seville airport / Wikimedia Commons - Curimedia

Volotea will open their first base in Spain in 2015. It will be in the north of Spain, either in Bilbao, Santander, Vigo or Asturias. They are planing to establish up to five bases among the Spanish airports. The next ones would be opened in the eastern region of the Iberian Peninsula, Andalusia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Currently, Volotea‘s aircrafts spend the night at Venice, Palermo, Nantes or Bordeaux. Also Strasbourg is expected to be added to this list soon. A year has passed since we announced that Volotea was working to open a base in Asturias. According to, the Volotea’s strategy for the future…

Barcelona airport capacity to increase by 9% Standard

Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER taxiing at El Prat Airport / Wikimedia Commons - Russavia

The Spanish slot coordinator, AECFA, announced that Barcelona airport capacity is increasing by 9% with effect from the next summer season. This increase may result as significant as the  Palma Airport capacity increase that we have already explained. While Madrid airport lost passengers by 0.4%, 9.0% and 12.1% in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively, Barcelona increased traffic by 17.8%, 2.2%, and 0.2%. In 2014 Madrid is recovering and increased traffic by 4.1% between January and September. However, Barcelona, which did not lose traffic at all in the previous years, keeps gaining passengers in 2014 as well. Barcelona served as much as 6.9% more passengers until September…

Happy days for Madrid airport Standard

Barajas Airport overview. Photo taken in 2005..

It was in February when we anticipated there were different signals which made us believe that Madrid airport and Iberia might be back. After bad times for both, it looks like things are improving significantly. On August 14 we shared the information that Iberia seemed to be already in good shape. Today, let’s go through the Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport current situation. Madrid airport is back to profitability As we had already informed, Aena managed to double the number of profitable airports in 2013. Together with Madrid, also Alicante, Fuerteventura, Girona, La Palma, Tenerife North and Valencia left losses to get…

Aena new shareholders to acquire 21% of the company Standard

Aena offices in Madrid / Luis García - Wikimedia Commons

As we have been informing, another step has been taken in the Aena privatisation process. Last Tuesday they announced the names of the Aena new shareholders who are creating the stable nucleus. Aena had 21% of the company reserved for three main shareholders which made up a big private stable nucleus in the public entity. Thus, the new shareholders are Corporación Financiera Alba (subsidiary of Banca March), Ferrovial and the Children’s  Investment Fund Management (TCI). Corporación Financiera Alba will be the largest private shareholder with 8% of the shares. Then, both Ferrovial and TCI will get 6.5% each. informed that November 12 is the date when…

Gómez-Pomar becomes new chairman of Enaire Standard

Julio Gómez-Pomar in October 2012 at the closure of a Business development Programme for Renfe / Flickr - EOI Escuela de Organiación Industrial

On October 3, Julio Gómez-Pomar replaced Rafael Catalá as State Secretary for Infrastructure. According to Logística Profesional it was Ana Pastor – Minister of Development- who suggested Gómez-Pomar is appointed Secretary state for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing. This was approved by the Government’s board on October 3. Due to the unexpected resignation of the former Minister of Justice – Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón – Rafael Catalá was chosen to replace him. Catalá had recently taken over Enaire in preparation for the privatisation of the former Aena Aeropuertos, today Aena, SA. Enaire is a State company currently 100% responsible for Aena, SA. Next month, 49% of Aena SA will be…

Palma Airport Capacity Increase to give more traffic Standard

Can Pastilla, near Palma Airport, Mallorca, Spain, seen from an Easyjet A319 just taken off from Palma Airport on its way to Bristol, England / Arpingstone

The deadline for the summer 2015 slot submissions was yesterday, October 9. All airlines intending to operate in the Spanish airports between March 29 and October 24 2015 were supposed to submit their schedules to AECFA, the new Spanish slot coordinator. Before that, and after the capacity analysis performed by Enaire and Aena, AECFA distributed the new airport capacities for this season. Among other items, it is worth noting the significant Barcelona and Palma airport capacity increases. We will go through the Barcelona airport capacity increase in a separate post. Now, let’s focus on Palma: Palma de Mallorca is one of…

Castellón airport gets the OK from AESA Standard

Castellón airport terminal and statue from a nearby road / Flickr - Egoitz Moreno

Another step taken for Castellón airport to start operations this year: The airport passed all the tests performed by AESA – The Spanish Airport Agency of Air Safety. Consequently, this Agency approved that the airport data sheet is published in the Spanish AIP – Aeronautical Information Publication. The AIP shows all the information with regard to each airport. However, at the moment we are publishing this post, Castellón airport is not yet displayed with the other airport data sheets in the AIP. You can access the AIS – Aeronautical Information Service – and the AIP at the Aena’s web site. At this point…