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Competition intensifies its demand to Aena: 3.5% reduction for 2016 within 10 days Standard

Málaga airport, Terminal 3. Wikimedia Commons.

Aena had frozen charges until 2025 but the National Competition Commission (CNMC) published a report against that decision, urging Aena to lower fees. However, not only Aena said they wouldn’t but they presented an appeal against the CNMC’s report. That appeal was accepted by the National High Court last month and, on Friday, Vozpopuli reported that it is the only way for Aena to avoid having to apply for such reduction. At the moment, unless the National High Court accepts the precautionary measures requested by Aena, the airport charges will have to be lowered 3.5%. This is the level of the reduction required by the…

Unprecedented lobby group formed by Air France KLM, Easyjet, IAG, Lufthansa and Ryanair Standard

Violeta Bulc- European Commissioner for Transport by epp group - flickr

On June 17th, ElEconomista reported on the formation of an unprecedented lobby group made up of some the biggest names in European commercial aviation. Air France KLM, Easyjet, IAG, Lufthansa and Ryanair have formed a lobby to defend their interests before the drafting of new European air transport policy. The lobby is expected to put pressure on the European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, on 80% of the subjects to be covered in this new policy. The lobby has its priorities clear, one of the most important being the reduction of fees in the main European airports. European airport fees…

Aena tells airlines it will not lower fees Standard

Aena Logo by Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez - Flickr

El Economista reported that the third meeting in the consulting process between the administrator of the airport network (Aena) and the airlines that operate in Spain took place yesterday. During the meeting, Aena confirmed that it wants to freeze the fees and subsidies for new routes and increase in passengers at a time in which air traffic is on the rise -the year could end with a 4% increase- and the company is already listed in the stock exchange. The airlines, on the other hand, would like to lower fees that are now frozen until 2025. The Minister of Development,…

Aena prices might have to be reduced up to 10% Standard

Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER taxiing at El Prat Airport / Wikimedia Commons - Russavia

On Monday, Aena held a meeting with the associations to continue the consultation process over airport charges.  ElMundo published a piece informing that the airline associations ALA, ACETA, AECA and ELFAA were discussing the prices to be charged by Aena during 2016. In this line, yesterday ElConfidencial informed that the National Competition Commission is using all available legal resources to force Aena to lower their prices. According to this article, sources from the industry estimate this reduction to be between 8 and 10%. The Ministry of Development is very upset though, so an intense battle is expected. Competition demands that the dual till model which Aena…

Competition might force Aena to lower their airport charges Standard

Aena offices in Madrid / Luis García - Wikimedia Commons

The National Competition Commission, which had already expressed their concern about the Aena’s privatisation, has now published a report on Aena’s dual till model.  In theory, the dual till is intended to separate the regulated costs from the ones which are a consequence of the commercial activities. However, Competition believes that the dual till implementation might lead to incremental costs which, in turn, would mean an increase in the airport charges. On Monday, ElConfidencial published a comprehensive article about the report issued by the National Competition Commission. According to this piece, Competition intends to adjust the costs which correspond to the commercial activities and the costs which correspond…

The unions call off the Aena strike Standard

Aena’s logo at Madrid Airport / David

The strike called by the Aena unions, scheduled to start Wednesday February 11th, has been called off. Yesterday evening La Vanguardia informed that the CCOO (Union Confederation of Workers Committee) reached an agreement with the airport manager (Aena) on employment guarantees and the collective bargaining agreement. Nevertheless, they will maintain the protest at the door of the stock exchange of Madrid against the Aena privatization until next Wednesday, coinciding with the debut of the company. The committees of different airports have also called for protests in their centers against the introduction of private capital into the company. The 30th of…

Aena Unions call 27 days of strike before its partial privatisation Standard

Madrid airport Terminal 4

After a meeting held yesterday morning with the representatives from the airport manager, the Spanish Unions CCOO and USO have decided to go ahead with the strike that had been called for 27 days of stops in Aena.  Thus, ElEconomista informed that the first stop will take place on Wednesday, February 11 which coincides with the planned date for the Aena’s IPO. This first stop has been scheduled to be carried out between 10:00 and 13:00 local time. CCOO and USO claim that Aena is not complying with the collective agreement. For instance, they are not complying with the minimum staff of 8,000…

Madrid runway closure postponed by Courts Standard

Runway 36L at Terminal 4, Madrid Barajas airport by Mario Rubio García - Flickr

On December 9, ElMundo informed that the High Court of Madrid asked Aena to cease the noise affecting the residential complex of Ciudad Santo Domingo due to the aircrafts landing at Barajas airport. In particular, Aena was requested to reduce operations by 30% the flights allocated by Aena in 2004 (about 20,730 approaches). This reduction was supposed to be effective no later than two months after the order’s notification. The 18R runway of Madrid airport was the one affected by this decision. This has nothing to do with the fact that the runway will be closed for construction for almost a month. However, last Wednesday ElEconomista published a piece informing…

AENA’s press release on Vitoria airport Standard

vitoria platform - flickr

Last 26th December, Aena published a press release. The following is the translation:   The Cabinet approves applying the same airport fees to any flight operating to night-operational airports.  This measure benefits the Vitoria airport which currently has night-time operational hours. 26th December 2014 The Cabinet approved a Royal Decree about financial sustainability measures for Autonomous Communities and Local Entities in which is included a modification of Air Security Law 21/2003 that affects airports with opening hours between 00:00 and 06:00 local time. Consequently, with the aim of supporting the performance and promotion of tourist flights during the day in…

Aena’s IPO is postponed at least until February 2015 Standard

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Yesterday, the Spanish Government decided to postpone the Aena’s IPO which was expected for November, 12. The reason behind this is that there was a “formal defect” in choosing the auditor for that process; there was not a public tender. This auditor is supposed to be responsible to ensure that the company accounts are in order before being listed on the Spanish stock exchange. Yesterday, informed that, last week, the Government’s board should have approved the Aena’s IPO for a 28% of the company to go public. Afterwards, the Spanish Agency for market regulation – CNMV – was supposed to authorise the brochure….