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Spanish Government to reduce airport investment by 18.3% Airports,Regulations

Man at work at T2 Málaga airport / Flickr - Dorte

Yesterday, the Spanish Government published the first draft of the General State Budget for 2015. ActualidadAeroespacial extracted the amounts set for airport investments. The draft says this budget intends to “continue on the path to economic recovery, competitiveness enhancement and employment creation, enforcing productive investment”. Hence, the Ministry of Development will reduce airport investment by 18.3% during the first year of the Aena privatisation. In 2015, airport investment, together with air safety and security, will be reduced in 24 million Euros. This represents 5% with regard to the Budget for 2014. With this, out of 9,570 million Euros available for development, the Ministry…

Aena acquires majority stake in Luton airport Airports,Regulations

Many aircrafts grounded in Luton airport because of the volcanic activity in April 2010 / Flickr - Geoff Collins

Last Friday, the Spanish council of Ministers authorised Aena to acquire the majority of London Luton airport. Thus, Aena acquires ownership of 11% of Luton airport reaching a total controlling stake of 51%. A 40% participation had been already bought in November 2013. Luton airport served 9.7 million passengers in 2013. It is the fifth largest UK airport in passengers. It is also easyJet‘s main base With regard to the other Aena airports, Luton is the sixth, after Gran Canaria and ahead of Alicante-Elche ABC said this purchase is a part of the Aena’s plan to increase the international presence in strategic airports. As…

Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena, Catalá leaves Enaire Regulations

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

As we have been informing, Enaire is currently responsible for Aena SA. Enaire will continue to be 100% a State company, in charge of the air navigation in Spain. On the other hand, Aena SA, the Spanish airport manager, is being sold by 49%. Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena According to CincoDías Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena. They had been announcing that they were exploring the documents, but the deadline for bids was yesterday and Ryanair discarded theirs just the day before. According to EuropaPress, the Spanish Minister of Development – Ana Pastor – assured there are national and international investors which have confirmed…

Aena will go public in early November Regulations

Rafael Catlá and Ana Pastor, on the right-hand side of the image, in 2012

Last week we informed that Aena will go public in November. Yesterday, Rafael Catalá confirmed this point during a conference at Executive Forum España. As you may remember, Rafael Catalá is State Secretary for Infrastructure and, therefore, chairman of ENAIRE. ENAIRE, is the State company which is currently 100% responsible of Aena SA – formerly Aena Aeropuertos. Thus, ENAIRE is about to start the privatisation process of Aena SA by 49%. El Confidencial, informed yesterday about this conference. Hence Aena will start trading on the stock exchange in early November. As expected, they will launch 28% of their share capital for private investors through an…

Ryanair exploring bid for Aena Regulations

Ryanair aircraft landing / Flickr - Leoncio J

Many Spanish media are announcing this week that Ryanair is exploring the terms and conditions to place a bid for Aena. According to Cincodías, in a piece published on Sep 3, Ryanair will make a decision within the forthcoming weeks. Ryanair’s marketing Director, Kenny Jacobs, assured they keep interested. We have 20 days left and that is enough. Ryanair was one of the first companies who confirmed interest in Aena. Before, they had been refused by Ferrovial in London-Gatwick airport. Aena privatisation deadlines These are the forthcoming dates to have in mind with regard to the Aena privatisation Sep 23: Every…

Madrid airport strike called by Aena staff Airports

Madrid airport Terminal 4

The CGT-Aena union informed that they have registered prior notice about a Madrid airport strike called for August 29 and 31.They intend to start negotiations on the privatisation process “after a failure of dialogue with Aena”.They assured they have not received any answer either from the airport or from the Ministry. Thus “they are not confident that negotiations can be started”.The collectives who have been called are flaggers, doctors, firemen and passenger service staff from the operational security area. They work either for Aena or for Enaire.The stops have been fixed as follows: August 29: From 15:00 to 20:00 LT August 31:…

New logo for Aena and Enaire Regulations

Aena and Enaire new logo

Aena, the Spanish airport operator, and Enaire, the public company responsible for air navigation, have changed logos.The new Aena’s logo is not really a new corporate image. It is actually a redesign from the usual logo made by Javier Mariscal. The blue colour, which alludes to air, disappears in the brand: any matters related to the air space management have been kept by Enaire. Mariscal introduced a more lighthearted typography and left green as the only colour, together with black for the association to allude to the environment.The new logo introduction is being made little by little. Actually you may have noticed…

Fuel licenses out to tender in the Spanish airports Handling,Regulations

Shell Petrol Tanker at airport / Flickr-Carlos Manuel Reyes Santos

Aena is putting 37 fuel licenses out to tender for 39 airports of the net. These fuel licenses are expected to last for seven years. A previous consultation process is being started with airlines.Thus, Aena is starting to renew the fuel licenses through a workshop which is open to the airport user committee in which airlines are integrated. This is intended for them to participate in the definition of the tender terms and conditions.The consultation process is expected to last for two months. With its conclusions, Aena will define and publish the terms and conditions.A two-phased tenderIn the first phase…

ENAIRE: Catalá replaces Vargas Regulations

Barcelona airport ATC tower / Victor

Last Tuesday, the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) published the José Manuel Vargas cessation as chairman of the public company ENAIRE.The Royal Decree published in BOE on the 5th of July considered, with Article 18, two name changes: On the one hand, the change from Aena Aeropuertos, S.A. to Aena, S.A. This is the airport owner, the part of Aena which is being privatised. On the other hand, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea – AENA – becomes ENAIRE.As we had already explained, the part of Aena which used to be responsible for air navigation is, therefore, from now on ENAIRE. It will continue to be a public company…

DORA approved through a Royal Decree Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena’s electric cars at Madrid airport / Flickr-Ministerio de Fomento

Last Saturday, the expected Royal Decree was published in the Spanish official gazette (BOE). In a 172-page document with different changes to the regulations currently in force, the Aena privatisation and tariff freeze has been confirmed. At the same time, the Document for Airport Regulation – DORA – has been defined. Several Spanish media inform about some of the changes specified in this Royal Decree. Above all, they deal with the tariff freeze and the fact that the Government will keep 51% of the company. Javier Gándara about the new regulation It is noteworthy the article by Javier Gándara—General Director for easyJet—in an op-ed piece at CincoDías….