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Aena analysing Málaga to create an international hub Airports

Málaga Airport to become an International hub

During the last meeting of the Andalusia Autonomous Community Coordination  Committee on July 25 they agreed to boost Málaga airport as International hub. CadenaSer informed last Sunday that Aena has been requested to keep this proposal in mind within the marketing plan to open new routes and continue to increase traffic and investments for Málaga airport. The idea is that Aena suggests Málaga airport for a home base to the international airlines they may meet with. This would mean a significant increase of traffic for the airport, which has availability to reach 30 million passengers per year.   Málaga Airport has availability for up…

Foreign airlines will continue to grow in Málaga Airlines,Airports,FC Tools

Málaga Airport Terminal - © Leoncio J / Flickr

Official data from Aena says eight out of the first ten operators in Málaga airport are not Spanish airlines. Malagahoy.es made contact with the management of four foreign airlines. They highlight the importance of Málaga for their companies although they showed their concern about the future, considering the doubts on the Aena’s privatisation process and the airport prices that will have to be paid in the medium and long term. This is a key to analyse the returns and decide the investments. Ryanair The leading company in Málaga is Ryanair. Last year they served nearly three million passengers, about double its closest competitor. This means…

Andalusia’s Government seeks mediation for the Swissport Spain strike Handling

The Government of the Andalusia Autonomous Region has asked Aena to mediate disputes on the indefinite Swissport strike called by Swissport Spain.Amongst the Spanish Airports operated by Swissport Spain, Málaga, Almería and Jerez correspond to Andalusia.A representative from the Government, Mr Antonio Jesús Roldán, said he wants to avoid the extension in time of the Swissport strike because it is affecting to tourism. Therefore, they will make contact with Aena and Swissport for them “to try and find a solution as soon as possible and an agreement can be reached which allows the stops are called off.”   Source: DiaroDeSevilla.es

Foreign tourism anticipates a record year Airports

Despite the bad start of the year and the poor expectations based on flight bookings, the beginning of the high season (July to September) anticipates a record year in hotel occupancy and income thanks to the foreign tourism.A key for this change to happen is the strength of our three big source markets (the United Kingdom, Germany and France) which bring 55% of the foreign tourism. The first data handled by entrepreneurs indicate unprecedented occupancy rates since the start of the financial crisis. The expected rates would be over 80% in August in five out of the 6 major touristic regions…