Current Planning
  • Scheduling: Many Spanish airports are very congested at certain peak times. Acknowledged as experts in slots, Flight Consulting provides high quality services. We focus on the slot allocation for the sake of performance, punctuality and efficiency.
  • Historic consolidation: Is it always good to change the slots? In some cases it is far more effective, efficient and, eventually, easier and cheaper to change the programme instead. Historic consolidation is the key. Building your own set of historics is essential to adding value to an airline. However, there are many valley times where it is not worth it to struggle to consolidate historics. Also, when the programme does not have flexibility, there are changes that can be made without impacting your tight schedules. Let us advise you on it.
  • Ad hoc flights: The needs of our clients are very different. We work for big airlines—some of them among the biggest airlines in the world—and we work for tiny companies too. Different needs require different services. We know what you are seeking.
  • Monitoring: The slot coordinating authorities monitor the airline’s performance. They frequently notice the actual times do not match with the allocated slots. In most cases this happens even when the airline´s scheduling department is not aware yet. When these do not match in Spanish coordination, a quick action is required to change the slot or to adapt the schedules. Otherwise, there would be negative consequences from the coordinator or from the Civil Aviation Authority such as historic loss, lack of facilities or, eventually, aircraft deviation and sanctioning files.
  • Handling requests: We have close and permanent contact with the ground handling companies in Spain. Our system keeps them informed of all the programme changes. Together, we cooperate to solve doubts, correct discrepancies and thus improve performance.
  • Communication: We develop our entire software in-house and it is in continuous evolution. This lets us fully integrate our communications with the different needs of our clients. Programme checks, slot reviews, SCR, SIR, SAQ , SHL, SAL or any customised reports are an automatic process for us. New tools are developed on demand.
  • H24: Flight Consulting operates 24 hours,  365 days. Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Outside the office hours there are at least 3 people available to assist you with any operational problem.
Forward Planning
  • Intelligence and decision making: At the beginning of schedule planning, when the programme has not been defined yet, business intelligence is key to a successful decision making. We produce personalised reports based on real data—through the Aena statistics—or on the previous seasons slot lists. They have all the answers to your questions. Check them!
  • Slot Historic List (SHL): This is the first signal indicating that you need to leave everything else and start working on your forward planning. There are some tools and pieces of software that, among many other things, help you work with the historics. Our software has been designed to do just that. It is focused on the importance of airport slots. Furthermore, Flight Consulting’s experience in the field is over 90 years distributed among 4 people. We really know this job and can help you.
  • Slot Submission: All worldwide slot coordination authorities share the same deadlines. The slot submission deadline is a very busy day in the aviation industry. You need to meet the same deadline for every coordination in every country you intend to operate in. Depending on the type of request an airline realises, the airline has more or less priority to be given the slot. It depends on dozens of factors! Due to the particularly congested situation of some Spanish airports, this slot submission is even more sensitive. Our skilled people, customised software and support allow you to feel relieved.
  • Slot Allocation List (SAL): A good submission is essential for a successful SAL, but it is not the only thing to consider. The results from your submission depend very much on the airport capacity and the overall slot demand. These lists indicate where your efforts should be concentrated from here on. Sometimes the big problems are not so big. Sometimes the small problems are not so small. Ask for our advice.
Representation at slot meetings
  • IATA Slot Conference: It is celebrated twice a year. We attend this conference to assist you in optimising your schedules while there, but we can do it on your behalf through accreditation if you wish.
  • EUACA Slot Optimization Meeting (SOM): It is held every year in January to deal with the remaining problems for the forthcoming summer season. We attend this meeting with you or on your behalf.
  • State Slot Coordination Committee and Assembly: All the relevant details on airport capacities, works, opening times, performance, ATC or any other issues which may impact aviation in the Spanish airports are dealt with in these meetings. We attend these meetings and report the highlights afterwards.
  • Balearic Island Performance Subcommittee: When poor performance is detected by the airport coordinator, airlines may be requested to attend these committees. We attend to these meeting on behalf of our clients to shed light on any problem which may have arisen and solve it as soon as possible.
  • Canary Island Performance Subcommittee: As well as in the Balearic Islands, the Canaries have their own performance subcommittee.
Landing Permits
Traffic rights in European aviation have evolved a lot within the last years.

Even though there is a common regulation in Europe, the concession of permits is an exclusive responsibility of each Member State. In Spain there are specific procedures related to airline accreditation, security, noise pollution, wet lease, code shares, bilateral agreements…

Thanks to the wide variety of our clients and the ample experience we have achieved through the years we are up-to-date with everything related to these permits.

  • Payment agreements with the airport operator: Prepayments, bank guarantee, what system is best? Operating at the Spanish airports under credit facilities improves the performance. We know the different options in depth and produce budgets for airport charges to help you make the right choice.
  • Invoice checking: Do you have difficulties understanding the charges you are paying? Fed up trying to check the invoices? Leave it all to us.
  • Cost efficiency: Save costs by paying the accurate amounts exactly at the right time. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the amounts due. The invoices keep coming and the deadlines are different depending on the creditor and service. Let us share with you our know-how.
  • Official airport and airline figures: On a monthly basis Aena publishes the traffic data per airline and airport. Collecting this data is tedious and reaching conclusions is sometimes difficult. Let us do it for you.
  • Estimations based on the programmes: You need to try our airport statistics. Based on the airport schedules you can ask the questions you feel like. What routes does a certain airline operate from Ibiza? What are the most congested times in Menorca on a Sunday? Who flies to Barcelona in August?
General advice
General advice is provided for a better understanding on airport charges, ground handling, incentives, subsidies, airport regulations, fines or anything else related to the Commercial Aviation in Spain. All these items need to be developed as laws. Every law goes public through our Official Gazette (BOE), however, the laws are frequently difficult to understand. Moreover, many times these changes are published in the BOE and go unnoticed.

Inspections, open files, complaints… let us help you deal with these tasks.

Furthermore, we can provide information on airport and airline growth, performance and expectations. In short, we can be your eyes in Spain.

For further information about us, check out this interview by ATC Magazine.

Web services
Would you like to get reports on a regular basis and do not want to ask for them? Do you need a shortcut to the aviation industry in Spain? Try our web tools.
  • Airport Statistics: Would you like to get reports on a regular basis and do not want to ask for them? At a click of a button, you get the charts that you need. Based on the airport schedules you can ask the questions you wish.
  • Flight Cost Calculator: Either for a budget or to check the charges you received, our calculator is always at your disposal. There is free access to this essential tool. Do you have difficulties? Let us know.
  • Aviation Codes: Check our airline, airports, aircrafts or country codes. Whenever possible, airport and airlines have been linked to their references in Wikipedia for your further information.

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