Airport tariffs in Spain expected for 2018

Barcelona by Camilo Rueda López

After the completion of Aena’s Consultation Process with the airlines and their representatives,  the Board of Directors has approved the airport prices variation for 2018 proposed by Aena.

Aena’s proposal is based on the balance between the costs and revenues of each of the airport tariffs keeping a yearly overall index of 2.22%.

The final proposal was submitted to the DGAC (Civil Aviation Authority) on 31st July for its approval and it determinates the following variations on the actual prices for the main airport tariffs:


Landing -0.5%
Transit -2.0%
Meteo +2.8%
Security -3.0%
Parking +5.4%
Passenger fee -2.9%
PMR -1.14%
Airbridges -7.9%
Handling +5.4%


The operating costs, on which AENA’s calculation was based, have been estimated without taking into consideration the price effect. This should be updated with the P index as established by DORA,  and it is waiting to be published, so this may affect the final prices.