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Binter Cabo Verde to be the new AOC of Binter Canarias Airlines,Airports,Startups

Binter Canarias ATR 72-500 EC-KGJ landing in Funchal by Aero Icarus

Binter Cabo Verde will be registered as an African airline tomorrow. Even though they do not have an AOC yet, they are expecting to get it granted by the Authorities of Cape Verde soon. ElMundo published the information yesterday: Binter Cabo Verde will have two planes to fly from the African archipelago. They will have a staff of 60 Cabo Verdean employees. However, the new company will be integrated in the Spanish brand Binter. The Spanish airline currently has 16 regional aircrafts ATR 72-500 and two CRJs. The latter two will be the ones that Binter Cabo Verde will use. Then, at the end of 2015,…

Menorca seats up 12% in summer 2015 Airports,FC Tools

Ciutadella de Menorca by Pablo Fernández

Another step forward has been taken in the slot coordination process for the Summer 2015 season. During the month of January the airlines were requested to cancel all the slots that they had booked but did not intend to operate in summer 2015 in the Spanish airports. IATA establishes January 15 for such purpose and the European regulation takes January 31 into consideration for the calculation of the corresponding historical rights for the schedules at the airports. Thus, as soon as these deadlines had passed, Aecfa started to deal with the slot requests that they had received for the ad-hoc flights. In terms of slot…

Air Europa has slot problems before beginning its inter-island flights Airlines

Air Europa, A330 landing at Madrid airport / José Luis Celada Euba

As reported by El Mundo, last week at an intervention in a conference of economists from the Balearic Islands, Juan José Hidalgo (President of Air Europa) reviewed his entire business career, which he defined as “very difficult”, and he took advantage of the occasion to repeat his dedication to Mallorca and the Islands in general. During which, he reminded that his company pays taxes there and that more than 3,000 people carry out their work in the headquarters of the company in Llucmajor. At the event, Hidalgo emphasized that his hope for inter-island flights is serious and he announced that…

The longest runway at Barajas will close for construction for almost a month in 2015 Airports

Runway at Barajas airport Madrid by Oz-Flickr

On Monday the news source ABC informed that the Madrid airport will begin one of the biggest renovation projects undertaken in the last decade. Its runway 18R/36L, the longest in the airport and even in Spain, will be completely rebuilt between the 15th of January and the 15th of October. This intervention will force the closure of the runway dedicated to the takeoff and landing of transatlantic flights 23 days after Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter), specifically between the 17th of April and the 10th of May. The stoppage of activity could extend four more days to…

Barcelona airport capacity to increase by 9% Airports,FC Tools

Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER taxiing at El Prat Airport / Wikimedia Commons - Russavia

The Spanish slot coordinator, AECFA, announced that Barcelona airport capacity is increasing by 9% with effect from the next summer season. This increase may result as significant as the  Palma Airport capacity increase that we have already explained. While Madrid airport lost passengers by 0.4%, 9.0% and 12.1% in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively, Barcelona increased traffic by 17.8%, 2.2%, and 0.2%. In 2014 Madrid is recovering and increased traffic by 4.1% between January and September. However, Barcelona, which did not lose traffic at all in the previous years, keeps gaining passengers in 2014 as well. Barcelona served as much as 6.9% more passengers until September…

Palma Airport Capacity Increase to give more traffic Airports,FC Tools

Can Pastilla, near Palma Airport, Mallorca, Spain, seen from an Easyjet A319 just taken off from Palma Airport on its way to Bristol, England / Arpingstone

The deadline for the summer 2015 slot submissions was yesterday, October 9. All airlines intending to operate in the Spanish airports between March 29 and October 24 2015 were supposed to submit their schedules to AECFA, the new Spanish slot coordinator. Before that, and after the capacity analysis performed by Enaire and Aena, AECFA distributed the new airport capacities for this season. Among other items, it is worth noting the significant Barcelona and Palma airport capacity increases. We will go through the Barcelona airport capacity increase in a separate post. Now, let’s focus on Palma: Palma de Mallorca is one of…

Spanish slot coordination, AECFA started operations Charges,FC Tools,Regulations

Spanish slot coordination. Airplane ascending while another one is queing / Jumbero

Last Monday, September 15, the Spanish association AECFA started operations. As of that day, AECFA is responsible for the Spanish slot coordination and schedule facilitation in the airports. The name AECFA stands for Spanish Association of Coordination and Facilitation (in Spanish Asociación Española de Coordinación y FAcilitación). Flight Consulting has been following this information very closely since September last year, when we already informed about the ongoing restructuring process in Aena. During the first day, AECFA distributed the Slot Historical Lists (SHL) which make a start for the Summer 2015 season in terms of slot coordination. These lists are being used…

AECFA and New Tax starting 15th of September Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 17th of June, Spanish Ministry of Fomento (Development) designated Asociación Española para la Coordinación y Facilitación de Franjas horarias (AECFA) as Slot Coordinator and Facilitator of the Spanish Airports within the Aenanet. Further to our post of 20th of January this change in the coordinator is in order to meet the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports which pretends an independent coordination from airlines and airports. The new association is primary made up of Aena (50%) and a number of airlines (50%): Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, Swiftair, Thomson Airways, Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd., Binter Canarias , Naysa and Canair The assignation of AECFA as Spanish coordinator and Mr….

The new charge for the coordinator and the groups of destinations for the subsidies Charges,Regulations

Transports of the world

A new Royal Decree was published on Saturday with definitions on the two items we were expecting: The list of airports which are considered as the same area with regard to subsidies for the new destinations. The charge for the coordinator: The definition of a new fee to be charged by the new coordinator Groups of airports with regard to new destinationsThe list below shows the groups of airports which have been considered as the same destination with regard to the subsidies: Basel: BSL, MLH. Belfast: BFS, BHD. Berlin: BER, SXF, TXL. Brussels: BRU, CRL. Bucharest: BBU, OTP. Dusseldorf: NRN, DUS. Glasgow: GLA, PIK. Frankfurt: HHN, FRA. Goteborg: GOT, GSE. Hamburg: HAM, LBC. Istanbul: SAW, IST. Kiev: IEV, KBP. London: LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, SEN, STN. Milan: BGY, LIN, MXP. Moscow: DME, SVO, VKO. Oslo: OSL, RYG, TRF. Paris: BVA, CDG, ORY. Rome: CIA, FCO. Stockholm: ARN, VST, NYO. Stuttgart: STR, FKB. Venice: TSF, VCE. Verona: VRN, VBS….

A new model for the slot coordination in Spain has been approved Regulations

Aircraft on runway

In continuation with the ongoing restructuring process of Aena, last Friday, the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree to define a new body, composed of Aena and airlines, to allocate the slots in the Spanish airports. Afterwards, the Ministry of Fomento published a press release which we have translated as follows: A new model for the slot coordination has been approved The Council of Ministers has approved today, through a Royal Decree, a new regulatory framework for the Slot Coordination in the Spanish airports. This new rule fixes an independent coordination body, composed of Aena Aeropuertos and airlines which operate in our…