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The CNMC tells Aena to introduce a 1.9% decrease in airport charges Charges,Regulations

Barcelona by Camilo Rueda López

According to a publication in El Confidencial, the CNMC (the National Market and Competition Commission) has notified Aena of the definitive resolution regarding airport charges for 2016. Their decision imposes a 1.9% decrease that the Ministry of Development (Fomento) should incorporate into its General Budget which will be approved on Friday. Moreover, this scale will serve as a reference for the tariff freezing which should be applied during the following ten years, between 2017 and 2026. This middle ground between the tariff freezing solicited by Aena and the 3.5% decrease recommended by the CNMC seems to be the appropriate solution…

AECFA and New Tax starting 15th of September Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 17th of June, Spanish Ministry of Fomento (Development) designated Asociación Española para la Coordinación y Facilitación de Franjas horarias (AECFA) as Slot Coordinator and Facilitator of the Spanish Airports within the Aenanet. Further to our post of 20th of January this change in the coordinator is in order to meet the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports which pretends an independent coordination from airlines and airports. The new association is primary made up of Aena (50%) and a number of airlines (50%): Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, Swiftair, Thomson Airways, Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd., Binter Canarias , Naysa and Canair The assignation of AECFA as Spanish coordinator and Mr….