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Ryanair doubled their advantage over Vueling Airlines

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

In March of last year Vueling was about to catch Ryanair as the main operator in the Spanish airports. This morning, thirteen months later, Preferente.com informed that Ryanair doubled their advantage with regard to the Spanish airline. They served 1.4 million more passengers than Vueling between January and March 2015. This nearly doubles the 800,000 passenger difference they had over Vueling within the first quarter of 2014. So far this year, Ryanair has transported 4.7 million passengers, which is a 870,000 passenger increase (22.8%). Vueling has transported 3.2 million travelers, up 250,000 passengers (8.2%) with regard to the same period in 2013. After…

AECFA and New Tax starting 15th of September Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 17th of June, Spanish Ministry of Fomento (Development) designated Asociación Española para la Coordinación y Facilitación de Franjas horarias (AECFA) as Slot Coordinator and Facilitator of the Spanish Airports within the Aenanet. Further to our post of 20th of January this change in the coordinator is in order to meet the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports which pretends an independent coordination from airlines and airports. The new association is primary made up of Aena (50%) and a number of airlines (50%): Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, Swiftair, Thomson Airways, Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd., Binter Canarias , Naysa and Canair The assignation of AECFA as Spanish coordinator and Mr….

The current Air Nostrum CEO to become the owner Airlines

Air Nostrum CRJ-200ER at Lanzarote airport

Air Nostrum hired the services from Seabury to analyse and sell the airline. Today, Levante-emv.com informs that the current Air Nostrum CEO, Carlos Bertomeu, has decided to make a strong commitment to the airline by putting his own money. For this purpose, he has the support from his partners of the Valencian Infertility Institute to invest in such a difficult and changing industry.“Creativity, determination, long-term thinking, humility and ability to correct mistakes are, in my view, the values to start a business from the scratch” Bertomeu said during a cabin crew course closure. Values which he will have to apply in his new…

The traffic trends of the main 50 airlines in the Spanish airports Airlines

Statistics - Trends

According to the figures published by Aena, the Spanish airports served in 2013 6,735,696 less passengers than in 2012 (-3.48%). The amount is not so bad if we consider the traffic evolution from January to August 2013 when airlines had lost 6,818,968 passengers with regard to the same period of 2012. Hence, from September to December airlines have served 83,272 more passengers than in the same period of 2012.Between January and August, IAG – made up from Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and British Airways – had lost 1.64 million passengers. The overall loss increased up to 1.85 million within the whole 2013….

Air Nostrum negotiating with a small group of investors to sell the company Airlines

Air Nostrum Fokker 50 in Faro (FAO / LPFR) Portugal, 1997

Air Nostrum Negotiating: As advanced in this blog the main Air Nostrum share holders are planning to sell the airline. Is Air Nostrum negotiating? Yesterday, ValenciaPlaza.com informed that the sale of the airline might be at the final stage. In fact, a small group of investors who might be interested in the process are in contact with Seabury, the advisor hired by Air Nostrum.The name of these investors is not known yet but they are expecting to close the operation in May. Photo: Pedro Aragão / Wikimedia Commons

Air Nostrum changes liveries in line with Iberia Airlines

AirNostrum web site screenshot

The Iberia’s franchised airline for regional flights has presented their new livery today. The new image is included in the Iberia Group’s renewal strategy. The Air Nostrum’s fleet will go updating the brand gradually, in order to save costs. Hence the same agenda for painting aircrafts is to be kept.   Source: Expansion.com

Air Nostrum main share holders to sell the airline Airlines

AirNostrum web site screenshot

Sources from Air Nostrum confirmed to ValenciaPlaza.com that the airline hired advisors – Seabury – who are working on a “capital reorganisation”. According to this information, the most interesting option would be to find an investor to whom they can sell the airline by 100%.Air Nostrum is currently undergoing a deep restructuring process after several years making loses. The Valencia based airline has significantly reduced activity. In fact they had lost passengers by 17.93% in August this year, nearly 1 million users with regard to the same period of 2012 and grounded a part of their fleet. These measures came with redundancy and salary cuts.All together would have made the company’s…

British tourism makes Alicante be the first Spanish airport in low cost flights Airlines,Airports

According to a report by the Institute of Tourism Studies from the Ministry of Industry, 80% of the operations in Alicante are low cost. These airlines will move 3.5 million passengers in the low season. This has helped the airport win back six hundred thousand out of the one million passengers lost in 2012 due to the crisis and the Spanair demise. The big growth of airlines like Norwegian, Jet2.com, Ryanair and the Russian operators have led the airport to the first place in the ranking of low cost airlines Out of 6,595,725 passengers within the first eight months in 2013, 5,280,000 flew…

IAG lost 1.6 million passengers. Ryanair 2.3 million Airlines

IAG lost 1.6 million passengers

After Aena published the statistics in the Spanish airports, many pieces of news reflect and try to explain the passenger loss between January and August 2013. Trying to do so, we have extracted the figures for such period in 2012 and 2013 and have created a spreadsheet with the passenger difference that each operator served in the Spanish airports.The result is a very comprehensive list which includes all the operators with over 1 million passengers from which we can highlight the following:IAG lost 1.6 million passengers. This means Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and British Airways, all together, have an overall decrease…

Brussels Airport sets Vigo and Seville as the two potential destinations in Spain Airports

According to the local media in Vigo, Faro de Vigo , Brussels Airport marketing and operation department setsVigo-Peinador Airport as one of two current potential destinations in Spain, together with Seville.Vigo is included in the official list as an airport with enough traffic to open a profitable regular connection. According to the information published by Aena, in 2012 there were over 3,400 people who went to Brussels from Vigo through another airport, due to the lack of direct flights. However, this report does not consider, for example, the thousands of passengers who, going from Vigo, might have flown to Brussels directly from Porto.The connection between Vigo and…