IAG lost 1.6 million passengers. Ryanair 2.3 million

IAG lost 1.6 million passengers

After Aena published the statistics in the Spanish airports, many pieces of news reflect and try to explain the passenger loss between January and August 2013. 

Trying to do so, we have extracted the figures for such period in 2012 and 2013 and have created a spreadsheet with the passenger difference that each operator served in the Spanish airports.

The result is a very comprehensive list which includes all the operators with over 1 million passengers from which we can highlight the following:

IAG lost 1.6 million passengers. This means Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and British Airways, all together, have an overall decrease of 1,641,233 passengers. Air Nostrum lost 953,825.

Ryanair has decreased passengers by 9.35%, losing 2,317,223.

EasyJet transported 1,301,184 passengers less, although their Swiss branch gained traffic by 21.19% (184,071 more passengers).

Out of the 867,765 passengers lost when Iberworld ceased operations, only 201,127 have been kept by Orbest. Air Europa gained 547,354 customers.

Naysa, Canarias Airlines and Binter (all operated as Binter) gained 196,581 passengers although Islas Airways ceased operations in Ocober having transported 857,177 passengers between January and August 2012.

Norwegian increased 666,849 passengers.

For further detail you can see the complete list here.   Source: Aena.es

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