Aena asked to open Málaga airport’s second runway

Malaga Airport by Rob Stokes - Flickr

Having Málaga airport’s second runway closed during peak days can generate between 30 and 45 minute delays according to USCA. This was reported by LaOpiniónDeMálaga on October 3. Controllers say that, if Aena left the runway open they would achieve a significant improvement in the quality of services provided to passengers and airlines. In their opinion, Aena follows an incorrect criteria to determine whether or not the second runway must be opened. On September 19 with the second runway opened, there was a peak of 35 movements in one hour. However, in other days like June 21, there were peaks of 40 movements in an hour while the second runway was closed. Also according to the controllers, on June 28 there was a peak with 44 movements and, on September 6 there was another peak with 45 operations. In all these cases, the second runways could not be used.

After this article, DiarioSur announced on October 11 that the Ministry of Development (Fomento) has recommended that Aena open Málaga airport’s second runway. Apparently, this source found a document issued by the Commission of Analysis on Notifications of Air Traffic Incidents – Ceanita. Ceanita is an organism of the Air Safety State Agency – Aesa – which, in turn, is controlled by the Government. According to that document, in September 2014 there was an aircraft landing and another one taking off which were too close to each other. Even though the situation was solved without problems, this incident caused an internal investigation which ended in some recommendations from Ceanita to all the parties involved. Among these recommendations, was the following official recommendation regarding Málaga airport’s second runway.

In view of these events, we recommend Aena S.A. to analyse the possibility of having RWY 12/30 (the second runway) operative in Málaga airport.

Aena followed Ceanita’s recommendations and analysed the events which occurred that day. Hence, Aena replied to the Ministry: their conclusion was that “the second runway will be opened whenever necessary due to operative or capacity reasons”. However, in their opinion, that incident did not happen in an especially congested scenario. From their point of view, the congestion was not a consequence of the second runway not being operational.”

Yesterday, another article from LaOpiniónDeMálaga reported that the Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia has requested in the local Parliament that the second runway be opened. In their opinion, having the second runway not operational is limiting the capacity of Málaga as a destination and creating serious economic damage.

In other news, ElPaís informed that last month the Aena airports registered a new all-time-high for the month of September. They served 21.02 million passengers that represents an increase of 5% with regard to the same month in 2014. When it comes to Málaga, the airport had its best September as well. The airport served 1.53 million passengers, 3.6% over September 2014.