UK airlines bet on Menorca, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for summer 2016

Thomas Cook Airlines taking off in Lanzarote airport by jBarcena - Flickr.

A representative from Menorca’s government, María Sellarés, confirmed the expected traffic increase of the UK airlines in the Balearic Island for the summer of 2016. During the WTM 2015,, Monarch and easyJet announced they have increased the number of seats offered for Menorca for the next summer season. According to Sellarés, the improvements for the island are a consequence of “the strength of the sterling pound, the good trend of our local economy and the increased confidence of consumers. That is not to forget the instability of some Mediterranean destinations that are competitors”.

Hence, Hosteltur reported that is committed to increase traffic to Menorca by up to 130,000 seats between April 30 and October 29 2016. Also, without giving figures, easyJet announced their intention to increase operations to Menorca. In fact they considered the Balearic Island as one of their “top destinations”. Last summer, easyJet started two new routes i.e. Menorca-Geneva and Menorca-London. Meanwhile, Monarch said they intend to consolidate their programme to Menorca and announced they will increase frequencies during Christmas and Easter.

Between January and September of this year, Menorca airport has increased passengers by 8.6% according to the official figures published by Aena. In February, we already anticipated this increase since the airlines had scheduled 12% more seats.

Fuerteventura expects strong increases too

Canarias7 published another article on the WTM that is taking place in London this week. In this case, it reports that Thomas Cook will strengthen its bid for Fuerteventura for summer 2016 and anticipated they have planned an increase of 34% during the next year. Also, Norwegian said they will consolidate their routes from Fuerteventura to Barcelona, London and Oslo in the next summer season. Besides this, they announced new routes to the Canary Island, still to be specified. Moreover, TUI UK has announced their intentions to increase Fuerteventura sales by about 20% for the next year.

UK keeps its loyalty to Lanzarote

DiarioDeLanzarote informed that the local government of Lanzarote and Ryanair analysed whether they should continue in defining an agreement they are working on. This agreement – about the airline’s expansion plans – is subject to the reception of around 200 new planes that they are expecting. Meanwhile, Thomas Cook announced their bookings in Lanzarote for the winter season are currently 17% higher than one year ago. The number of operations is planned to increase by 20%. Also, confirmed an increase of 10% in the number of seats offered this winter season. Furthermore, they announced a new route with Lanzarote – the seventh – in the summer of 2016. It will be Edinburgh. With this new route they are expecting an overall increase in seats of 18%.

Further information is available through our airport statistics

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