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Ryanair doubled their advantage over Vueling Airlines

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

In March of last year Vueling was about to catch Ryanair as the main operator in the Spanish airports. This morning, thirteen months later, Preferente.com informed that Ryanair doubled their advantage with regard to the Spanish airline. They served 1.4 million more passengers than Vueling between January and March 2015. This nearly doubles the 800,000 passenger difference they had over Vueling within the first quarter of 2014. So far this year, Ryanair has transported 4.7 million passengers, which is a 870,000 passenger increase (22.8%). Vueling has transported 3.2 million travelers, up 250,000 passengers (8.2%) with regard to the same period in 2013. After…

Vueling bases a second A320 in Palma and increases availability by 67% Airlines,Airports,FC Tools

Vueling A320 in Dubrovnik by Victor – Flickr

Starting on October 26, Vueling bases their second Airbus 320 in Palma with which they have increased their offer by 67%. In particular, they have increased from 372,000 seats in Winter 2013, to 625,000 seats in the current winter 2014 season. Also, they boosted the number of destinations from 8 to 14. These figures can be checked with the Flight Consulting customised airport statistics, which Winter 2014 data was just updated last week. Preferente.com informed on Friday that Álex Cruz, CEO of the  IAG member airline, visited Palma de Mallorca and said that “the main target is to attract more leisure…

Qatar Airways to fly Barcelona – Latin America in agreement with Iberia Airlines,Airports

Boeing B773 Qatar In FC Barcelona At London Heathrow by David Osborn - Flickr

According to the information published by LaVanguardia, Qatar Airways intends to fly between Barcelona and Latin America. During the Aviation Partnership Summit, Akbar Al Baker – CEO of the airline – confirmed that they would do that only in the case that Iberia and the other Oneworld airlines were in agreement. Qatar Airways is a member of the Oneworld alliance since October 2013. Even though Iberia is leading the Latin American market in Europe, if they had capacity constraints in certain destinations, Qatar Airways would see a business opportunity for them. Al Baker takes into consideration Barcelona only, since Madrid is Iberia’s hub…

Airlines can charge for checked-in luggage Airlines,Regulations

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The court of justice of the European Union approved last Thursday that airlines can charge extra costs for the checked-in luggage. The judgement is in favour of Vueling, who had challenged the 3,000 Euros fine from the Galician Consumer Institute. According to the news by ElMundo.es, a Galician citizen reported Vueling to her local government. She complained because she had been charged with 40 Euros for checked-in luggage in a flight from A Coruña to Amsterdam. Then, the Galician Consumer Institute charged Vueling with 3,000 Euros, considering the Spanish regulation was infringed. According to the Spanish law, passengers are entitled to a one free piece…

Germanwings increased passengers by 70% Airlines

Germanwings A319 together with Air Belin and Lufthansa in December 2012 / Aero Icarus

Aena published the official airport statistics for August. The overall figures are totally different from what they were in September 2013. Between January and August 2014 the airlines have increased traffic by 4.52% with regard to the same period last year. Among the most significant increases, Germanwings gained passengers by 69.35%. You may remember our analysis for the period Jan-Aug 2013 vs Jan-Aug 2012, when IAG had lost 1.6 million passengers and Ryanair 2.3 million. Within that period of 2013, the Spanish airports had lost passengers by 5.09%. Hence, the above mention increase is doubly significant. Going through the figures in detail, we find some…

AECFA and New Tax starting 15th of September Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 17th of June, Spanish Ministry of Fomento (Development) designated Asociación Española para la Coordinación y Facilitación de Franjas horarias (AECFA) as Slot Coordinator and Facilitator of the Spanish Airports within the Aenanet. Further to our post of 20th of January this change in the coordinator is in order to meet the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports which pretends an independent coordination from airlines and airports. The new association is primary made up of Aena (50%) and a number of airlines (50%): Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Ryanair, Swiftair, Thomson Airways, Condor, Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd., Binter Canarias , Naysa and Canair The assignation of AECFA as Spanish coordinator and Mr….

Ryanair is planning to grow in Madrid, to shrink in Barcelona Airlines

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

Last month we informed that Vueling was about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain. Now, latest data collected from Aena confirm that, with the month of March over, Vueling has become the first operator in the Spanish airports as a matter of fact. Between January and March they have served 4.60 million passengers, ahead of Ryanair which transported 4,57 million people within the same period. However, aiming to keep their position, they announced some changes with regard to their operations in Spain:First of all, according to ABC.es Ryanair will connect Madrid with six new destinations, i.e. Bremen,Catania, Cologne, Eindhoven, Fes and Warsow, all to start in…

Vueling about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain Airlines

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The latest stats published by Aena leave Vueling about to catch Ryanair. So far in 2014, the Irish low cost airline has lost activity in Spain by 14.70%, serving 2.9 million passengers. However, Vueling increased by 22.6% between January and February reaching 2.8 million users. With this, Vueling has almost removed the difference that Ryanair had in the first two months of 2013: it was 1.11 million passengers and has become only 0.01 million customers now.It is difficult to foresee whether the Vueling’s approach will be consolidated as most of the Ryanair’s reduction has taken place during the winter season, when…

The traffic trends of the main 50 airlines in the Spanish airports Airlines

Statistics - Trends

According to the figures published by Aena, the Spanish airports served in 2013 6,735,696 less passengers than in 2012 (-3.48%). The amount is not so bad if we consider the traffic evolution from January to August 2013 when airlines had lost 6,818,968 passengers with regard to the same period of 2012. Hence, from September to December airlines have served 83,272 more passengers than in the same period of 2012.Between January and August, IAG – made up from Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and British Airways – had lost 1.64 million passengers. The overall loss increased up to 1.85 million within the whole 2013….

Nordic tourism strong increase leads Alicante to an all-time high Airports

Works in the Alicante airport's terminal in 2010 by Dr Rdl/Wikimedia Commons

The strong increase of the Nordic tourism since the start of the year has put Alicante-Elche over the historical record of foreign customers achieved in 2011. Up to November there were 600,000 more international tourists thanks to the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finland passenger upturn. The Russian traveller increase has been notable also. Thus, Alicante has been about to overcome Gran Canaria as the fifth Spanish airport.According to the Aena airport statistics for November, Alicante has increased passengers by 14%. This is the fourth highest increase after Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife.The amount of users in Alicante at the end of the year…