Vueling about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The latest stats published by Aena leave Vueling about to catch Ryanair. So far in 2014, the Irish low cost airline has lost activity in Spain by 14.70%, serving 2.9 million passengers. However, Vueling increased by 22.6% between January and February reaching 2.8 million users.

With this, Vueling has almost removed the difference that Ryanair had in the first two months of 2013: it was 1.11 million passengers and has become only 0.01 million customers now.

Traffic per airline Feb-Mar 2014

It is difficult to foresee whether the Vueling’s approach will be consolidated as most of the Ryanair’s reduction has taken place during the winter season, when the activity is lower. Moreover, Ryanair announced in January that they would be growing in Spain this year.

Air Europa maintains the third place in the ranking that they had already achieved in 2013 when they had passed Iberia, although they still were after them in March. In fact, Air Europa keeps the trend and increased by 13.58% with regard to the same period of 2013.

Also, we have to wait and see how the agreement finally reached between Iberia and the employees will affect to the their destinations, since they are expecting some of the long-haul routes are restarted again. At this stage, Iberia has reduced traffic by 3.44% from 1.89 to 1.82 million passengers. For their part, Iberia Express decreased too, but losing passengers by 0.25% only.

Photo: Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus