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Aena will earn 40 million by eliminating incentives in 2017 Airlines,Airports,Charges,Regulations

Madrid airport Terminal 4 / shutterstock

Today El Confidencial  published that Aena has decided to eliminate the passenger growth incentives for those airports that exceed three million passengers per year. In spite of the change, a new incentive for long-haul routes has been introduced and in the meantime the valley days in the Canaries remain the same. The selective removal of incentives that were being implemented in previous years will compensate the reduction of Aena’s income resulting from a decrease of charges effective as of 1st March. Through this measure, Aena will earn around 40 million euros. This amount is even larger than the sum of expected…

The Tenerife council demands a new terminal from Aena in Tenerife Sur Airports

Tenerife Sur Airport Terminal/Flickr - MarinoCarlos

According to an article in Eldia.es, the association for the defense of infrastructure in Tenerife asked Aena to build a new terminal in the Tenerife Sur Airport taking into consideration that the passenger capacity is currently at 90%. Furthermore, they warned that if the issue of new infrastructure is not addressed, whose planning and development could take between 8 and 10 years, the Reina Sofía (Tenerife Sur) Airport will reach a situation of inadmissible collapse on an island whose economy depends on its airport infrastructure. This airport is especially important since 70% of the economic flow funnels through it. The…

AENA’s press release on Vitoria airport Airports,Charges,Regulations

vitoria platform - flickr

Last 26th December, Aena published a press release. The following is the translation:   The Cabinet approves applying the same airport fees to any flight operating to night-operational airports.  This measure benefits the Vitoria airport which currently has night-time operational hours. 26th December 2014 The Cabinet approved a Royal Decree about financial sustainability measures for Autonomous Communities and Local Entities in which is included a modification of Air Security Law 21/2003 that affects airports with opening hours between 00:00 and 06:00 local time. Consequently, with the aim of supporting the performance and promotion of tourist flights during the day in…

Air Europa has slot problems before beginning its inter-island flights Airlines

Air Europa, A330 landing at Madrid airport / José Luis Celada Euba

As reported by El Mundo, last week at an intervention in a conference of economists from the Balearic Islands, Juan José Hidalgo (President of Air Europa) reviewed his entire business career, which he defined as “very difficult”, and he took advantage of the occasion to repeat his dedication to Mallorca and the Islands in general. During which, he reminded that his company pays taxes there and that more than 3,000 people carry out their work in the headquarters of the company in Llucmajor. At the event, Hidalgo emphasized that his hope for inter-island flights is serious and he announced that…

New logo for Aena and Enaire Regulations

Aena and Enaire new logo

Aena, the Spanish airport operator, and Enaire, the public company responsible for air navigation, have changed logos.The new Aena’s logo is not really a new corporate image. It is actually a redesign from the usual logo made by Javier Mariscal. The blue colour, which alludes to air, disappears in the brand: any matters related to the air space management have been kept by Enaire. Mariscal introduced a more lighthearted typography and left green as the only colour, together with black for the association to allude to the environment.The new logo introduction is being made little by little. Actually you may have noticed…

Fuel licenses out to tender in the Spanish airports Handling,Regulations

Shell Petrol Tanker at airport / Flickr-Carlos Manuel Reyes Santos

Aena is putting 37 fuel licenses out to tender for 39 airports of the net. These fuel licenses are expected to last for seven years. A previous consultation process is being started with airlines.Thus, Aena is starting to renew the fuel licenses through a workshop which is open to the airport user committee in which airlines are integrated. This is intended for them to participate in the definition of the tender terms and conditions.The consultation process is expected to last for two months. With its conclusions, Aena will define and publish the terms and conditions.A two-phased tenderIn the first phase…

ENAIRE: Catalá replaces Vargas Regulations

Barcelona airport ATC tower / Victor

Last Tuesday, the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) published the José Manuel Vargas cessation as chairman of the public company ENAIRE.The Royal Decree published in BOE on the 5th of July considered, with Article 18, two name changes: On the one hand, the change from Aena Aeropuertos, S.A. to Aena, S.A. This is the airport owner, the part of Aena which is being privatised. On the other hand, Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea – AENA – becomes ENAIRE.As we had already explained, the part of Aena which used to be responsible for air navigation is, therefore, from now on ENAIRE. It will continue to be a public company…

DORA approved through a Royal Decree Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena’s electric cars at Madrid airport / Flickr-Ministerio de Fomento

Last Saturday, the expected Royal Decree was published in the Spanish official gazette (BOE). In a 172-page document with different changes to the regulations currently in force, the Aena privatisation and tariff freeze has been confirmed. At the same time, the Document for Airport Regulation – DORA – has been defined. Several Spanish media inform about some of the changes specified in this Royal Decree. Above all, they deal with the tariff freeze and the fact that the Government will keep 51% of the company. Javier Gándara about the new regulation It is noteworthy the article by Javier Gándara—General Director for easyJet—in an op-ed piece at CincoDías….

Aena tariff freeze until 2025 Charges,Regulations

Madrid airport Terminal 4

Aena tariff freeze: The ministry of Development—Fomento—is ready for the Aena tariff freeze in the Spanish airports until 2025.The Royal Decree draft of the Document for Airport Regulation (DORA) takes into consideration the Aena tariff freeze until 2025. This is expected just after the confirmation of the privatisation by 49% of Aena Aeropuertos.The target is to bring more traffic to the Spanish airports. Hence, the Aena tariff freeze will be subject to conditions such as “possible regulatory changes or unforeseen occurrences”.Thus, the draft fixes the Aena tariff freeze until 2025 provided that the investments in the net are not over 450 million Euros…

Aena Privatisation: Competition disagrees, Ryanair interested Airports,Regulations

Ryanair and Iberia in competition

As soon as the Aena privatisation was definitely confirmed by the Minister many thoughts, interpretations and declarations have appeared in the Spanish media. Since this is something that we have been following very closely, we have extracted some pieces of news which may be relevant to the subject.The National Competition Commission disagreesFirst of all, ElMundo.es published a thorough article informing that the Spanish Competition Commission is not happy with the privatisation as it has been planned by the Government. In their view, it will not benefit the industry to keep the airport net monopoly. For Competition it would be better to separate Aena in…