AENA’s press release on Vitoria airport

vitoria platform - flickr

Last 26th December, Aena published a press release. The following is the translation:


The Cabinet approves applying the same airport fees to any flight operating to night-operational airports.

 This measure benefits the Vitoria airport which currently has night-time operational hours.

26th December 2014

The Cabinet approved a Royal Decree about financial sustainability measures for Autonomous Communities and Local Entities in which is included a modification of Air Security Law 21/2003 that affects airports with opening hours between 00:00 and 06:00 local time.

Consequently, with the aim of supporting the performance and promotion of tourist flights during the day in those airports opening exclusively during night hours, it will be applied to all flights -regardless of the operation times- the airport fees correspond to operational service times, setting aside the application of the out of operational service fees.

This way it is promoting a better use of Spanish airport infrastructures by encouraging the day operations that are currently surcharged in airports with exclusively night schedules. Moreover, it is expected that this measure will bring an increase in airlines’ demand to operate during the day hours.

Vitoria airport

Vitoria airport, one of the most remarkable in AENA’s network of cargo transport, currently has night operational hours only. However, due to its location and characteristics, it may offer many possibilities to long haul flights. These flights require airplanes which need a particular runway length, infrastructures and conditions, all of which are available in the Vitoria Airport.

Given that it is an airport potentially attractive for tourist sector professionals, this measure approved by the Council would allow it to offer charter flight operations linked to holiday periods and more availability for low cost airlines with different exploitation models.


Photo: Foronda platform by José Antonio J.M.- flickr