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AENA’s press release on Vitoria airport Airports,Charges,Regulations

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Last 26th December, Aena published a press release. The following is the translation:   The Cabinet approves applying the same airport fees to any flight operating to night-operational airports.  This measure benefits the Vitoria airport which currently has night-time operational hours. 26th December 2014 The Cabinet approved a Royal Decree about financial sustainability measures for Autonomous Communities and Local Entities in which is included a modification of Air Security Law 21/2003 that affects airports with opening hours between 00:00 and 06:00 local time. Consequently, with the aim of supporting the performance and promotion of tourist flights during the day in…

Volotea chose Asturias for the first base in Spain Airlines,Airports

Boeing 717-200 Volotea Airlines EI-EXI by russavia / Wikimedia Commons

On October 27 we informed that Volotea would open up to 5 bases in Spain. The first one was expected for the north of the country, either in Bilbao, Santander, Vigo or Asturias. Last week Carlos Muñoz, CEO of Volotea,  confirmed to ElComercio.es that Volotea chose Asturias for the first base in Spain. The low cost airline will start to base its aircrafts there in May. Nevertheless, they will offer flights during Christmas this year – on the 19, 23, 26 and 30 of December – to Palma de Mallorca. On April 3 they will start operations with 2 weekly flights to Valencia. After this first destination, they…

Vitoria airport to accept flights during the day Airports

Antonov An-225 airplane at Vitoria airport, Vitoria Gasteiz Foronda, by Irekia - Gobierno Vasco / Wikimedia Commons

Vitoria airport: Vitoria airport  employees and Aena reached an agreement to accept flights during the day, upon request, out of the current night-time working hours.Vitoria airport reduced working hours in August 2012 from H24 to 20:30-08:30 LT as a consequence of the Aena´s cost saving plan.Since then there have been several protests, although talks about this subject remained active until an agreement has been found.This agreement will come into effect within two months for passenger flights, but is valid for cargo flights since the agreement was signed.Photo: Irekia / Gobierno Vasco – Wikimedia Commons Source: Finanzas.com

Volotea might open a base in Asturias Airlines,Airports

“Talks with Volotea to open a base in Asturias continue but they could go better if Aena extended the airport working hours and improved the charges” said a representative from the local Goverment in Asturias, who confirmed the airline intends to start a base in Asturias during the next summer.If this project comes true, the main activity of the airline would go through this base in Asturias, which would gain up to ten direct routes.The airline requires Aena to extend the working hours from the current 0730-2345 LT. As for the subventions recently announced by the Minister Ana Pastor, the local representative said it looks…

The Schedules for the stops at Reus airport are confirmed Airports,Handling

The Aena employees are finalizing the details of the protests. Last Monday they confirmed to Aena the days for the stops at Reus airport, which will be the following weekends:20-21Jul, 27-28Jul, 3-4Aug and 10-11Aug.The schedules have been fixed as follows: Saturdays from 18:00 to 21:00 LT and Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00 LT.They are expecting today the confirmation of the minimum services.The reasons for calling this strike, approved by a wide margin, are mainly the reduction of the working hours and the elimination of a shift out of five. The committee says that this decision puts 14 jobs in risk….

Aena confirm Tenerife North opening time extension Airports

Tenerife North Opening Times

Following with our post of 18 April about the Tenerife North airport opening times, yesterday 20minutos.es informed on the fact that Aena has definitely approved the extension of the working hours for the airport. Hence, the new opening times will be 05:00-21:00 UTC in the summer seasons and 06:00-22:00 UTC during the winter seasons. The vice-president for the Council of Tenerife—Carlos Alonso—together with the Head of Planning for Vueling—Javier Suárez—have explained that the new working hours will let Vueling base an A320 at Tenerife North as from this winter season, to start in October. This will allow them to promote the business trips as…

Tenerife North opening times Airports

Tenerife North Opening Times

The vicepresident for the Council of Tenerife said yesterday that it would be enough to extend the Tenerife North opening times by an hour and fifteen minutes. He explained that an agreement was reached with the Minister of Public Works for Aena to consider this extension so that the airport is open from 07:00 to 23:00 LT (currently 08:15-23:00 LT).To start with, this extension might allow Binter Canarias to offer twelve new connections per week and Vueling to establish a home base for one aircraft to increase the rotations.   Source: Finanzas.com