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The Minister confirms they are freezing charges in 2015 Charges,Regulations

New Barcelona airport terminal

We informed yesterday that Aena would soften their charge increases or even freeze them despite the agreement reached in 2013. Today, the Spanish Minister of Development has announced the charges will be definitely frozen in 2015.Thus, Aena published this morning a press release which we have translated as follows: Pastor announces the airport charges will be frozen for 2015 and extends the incentives   Proposes a cero increase instead of the expected 4.5% The savings achieved thanks to the cost reduction plan in the last two years, together with the traffic increase make this possible Aena forgoes income by 151 million Euros…

10 bids have been placed for the Handling licenses in 22 Spanish airports Handling,Regulations

A380 receiving ground handling services at Frankfurtt

On March, 20 Aena launched a press release informing on the bids that had been placed for the ramp handling licenses to be tendered in the Spanish airports as per the Terms and Conditions that had been anticipated.This is our translation into English:20 March 2014 10 bids have been placed for the public tender called by Aena to award the licenses for 22 airports of the net. In particular, these bids are referred to the first phase of the tender on ground handling to third parties for 22 airports which serve less than one million passengers a year and have an only handling agent….

Vitoria airport to accept flights during the day Airports

Antonov An-225 airplane at Vitoria airport, Vitoria Gasteiz Foronda, by Irekia - Gobierno Vasco / Wikimedia Commons

Vitoria airport: Vitoria airport  employees and Aena reached an agreement to accept flights during the day, upon request, out of the current night-time working hours.Vitoria airport reduced working hours in August 2012 from H24 to 20:30-08:30 LT as a consequence of the Aena´s cost saving plan.Since then there have been several protests, although talks about this subject remained active until an agreement has been found.This agreement will come into effect within two months for passenger flights, but is valid for cargo flights since the agreement was signed.Photo: Irekia / Gobierno Vasco – Wikimedia Commons Source: Finanzas.com

Madrid, first Autonomous Region with an Airport Coordination Committee Airports,Charges,Regulations

Air Europa connected to finger

The first Airport Coordination Committee has been established in the Madrid Autonomous Region, but each Region is expected to go creating its own committee within the forthcoming months.These Airport coordination committees intend to offer a way of participation in the airport management to the public authorities. According to the Royal Decree-law 20/2012 the tasks of these committees are: Ensure an appropriate airport service quality, suggesting the actions which may be considered necessary to boost the airport activity. Cooperate with Aena Aeropuertos and the correspondent authorities in the definition of the strategies regarding the airports of that Autonomous Region. Especially with regard to the commercial…

Aena’s press release on Handling Tender Handling,Regulations

Groundforce equipment in Madrid airport by José Masot

As anticipated in this blog Aena published the terms and conditions for the Handling Tender and launched a press release which translation follows: Aena has started the first phase for the public ramp handling tender for third parties in 22 airports. The licenses awarded shall be in force for seven years. This first phase includes all airports with less than one million passengers per year. They will have one only handling agent. Thus, Aena continues with the handling license renewal which begun last spring when a consultation process started through which airlines and all concerned parties where invited to participate in the handling tender…

New meteorological service charge and other amendments in the Aena fees Charges,FC Tools,Regulations

Landing and TakeOff - meteorological service charge / Fotolia

The Government confirmed the final CPI for October at -0.1 and hence, the airport charges will increase by 0.9% with effect from 1 March 2014 as explained previously in this blog.While we are waiting for further detail on the subsidies that we had anticipated, the following changes have been introduced with regard to the airport charges in the Spanish airports. They are all included in the text sent by the Congress of Deputies to the Senate. This text will have to be confirmed and published in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE).Meteorological servicesAirlines shall pay a meteorological service charge. This will be applicable to every flight which,…

Spanish Airport Traffic evolution – August 2013 Airports

Aena has published the statistics related to the Spanish Airports between January and August 2013. You can find a copy of the spreadsheet here. It shows detail on the traffic evolution at each airport. The file has two tabs at the bottom left corner: one with the figures for the month of August and the other one with overall data between January and August. Each tab shows three tables with detail on passengers, operations and cargo respectively.It is worth noting that Barcelona is in August, for the first time, the airport leading the ranking for passengers in Spain, after all the summer…

Spain loses air traffic by 6.6% until May Airports,FC Tools

According to the stats published by Aena, the Spanish airports registered 66,305,130 passengers between January and May 2013. This means a decrease by 6.6% compared with 2012.Madrid would have had 15,373,092 clients: 14.7% less than within the same period last year.Looking at May separately 16,885,317 passengers would have used the Spanish airports during this month. This is 1.9% below last year. Aena highlights the fact that this drop represents an attenuation of nearly 6 points with regard to the 7.7% drop that took place in May 2012.With this passenger loss, the Spanish airports count 17 consecutive months registering decreases, since…

AENA clarifies Airport charges increases Airlines,Charges

Aena increase

Following to ABC’s news of yesterday, AENA has published a press release confirming the agreement reached with the airlines that contains the following points:• The agreement provides an update of rates increase for the next five years (2014-2018). In particular, the document says:– 2014: CPI + 1 point– 2015: CPI + 3 points– 2016, 2017 and 2018: CPI + 4 points• The agreement sets 1st of March as the effective date for annual revision. Consequently this increase will not affect to January and February 2014.• The reduction of fee for Passenger on Connecting flights will be increased gradually fm 20% to 40%…