Madrid, first Autonomous Region with an Airport Coordination Committee

Air Europa connected to finger

The first Airport Coordination Committee has been established in the Madrid Autonomous Region, but each Region is expected to go creating its own committee within the forthcoming months.

These Airport coordination committees intend to offer a way of participation in the airport management to the public authorities. According to the Royal Decree-law 20/2012 the tasks of these committees are:

  • Ensure an appropriate airport service quality, suggesting the actions which may be considered necessary to boost the airport activity.
  • Cooperate with Aena Aeropuertos and the correspondent authorities in the definition of the strategies regarding the airports of that Autonomous Region. Especially with regard to the commercial side, bearing its territorial and competitive context.
  • Know the Aena Aeropuertos proposals in terms of the aeronautical limitation spaces and noise restrictions.
  • Cooperate with Aena Aeropuertos in the definition of the strategies especially informing the Master Plans before being approved by the Ministry of Fomento.
  • Be aware of the consultation process developed by Aena with regard to airport charges in that Autonomous Region.
  • Channel the actions related to the air transport promotion.
  • Promote the strengthening of connectivity creating new routes.
  • Collect the necessary data on whatever subject which enables the Airport coordination committee to develop these tasks.
  • Create as many functions as necessary to increase passengers and cargo in these airports.

These were the attendants of the meeting held yesterday: Secretary General for Transport—Carmen Librero—the Regional Ministers for Transport, Infrastructures, Housing, Economy as well as the mayors of San Sebastián de los Reyes and Parla and representatives from the Madrid council, Chamber of commerce and Aena.

During this meeting all parties agreed to join efforts to achieve a policy which facilitates economy and social growths in the Autonomous Region.

A plan of Air Transport Promotion for the Madrid Autonomous Region has been requested to Aena.

These Airport coordination committees are different from the National Slot Committees that are currently in place.

We can confirm that the Airline Associations have expressed their concern because of the lack of airline representation in the new Airport coordination committees.


Photo: Air Europa connected to an airbridge at Madrid Airport. / José Masot

Source: Actualidad Aeroespacial