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UK airlines bet on Menorca, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for summer 2016 Airlines,Airports,FC Tools

Thomas Cook Airlines taking off in Lanzarote airport by jBarcena - Flickr.

A representative from Menorca’s government, María Sellarés, confirmed the expected traffic increase of the UK airlines in the Balearic Island for the summer of 2016. During the WTM 2015, Jet2.com, Monarch and easyJet announced they have increased the number of seats offered for Menorca for the next summer season. According to Sellarés, the improvements for the island are a consequence of “the strength of the sterling pound, the good trend of our local economy and the increased confidence of consumers. That is not to forget the instability of some Mediterranean destinations that are competitors”. Hence, Hosteltur reported that Jet2.com is committed to increase traffic to…

Norwegian will operate seven new routes between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands Airlines,Airports

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Barcelona by Fotero - Flickr

An article in Expansión details how the low cost airline Norwegian will operate seven new routes between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands beginning in October. Starting the 25th of October the company will fly to Gran Canaria and Tenerife Norte from Madrid. On the 26th of October they will begin flights to Gran Canaria and Tenerife Norte from Barcelona and the next day begin flights to Fuerteventura. They will also fly out of Malaga to Tenerife Norte starting the 26th October and to Gran Canaria starting the 30th of October. These route additions will lead to the incorporation…

Germanwings increased passengers by 70% Airlines

Germanwings A319 together with Air Belin and Lufthansa in December 2012 / Aero Icarus

Aena published the official airport statistics for August. The overall figures are totally different from what they were in September 2013. Between January and August 2014 the airlines have increased traffic by 4.52% with regard to the same period last year. Among the most significant increases, Germanwings gained passengers by 69.35%. You may remember our analysis for the period Jan-Aug 2013 vs Jan-Aug 2012, when IAG had lost 1.6 million passengers and Ryanair 2.3 million. Within that period of 2013, the Spanish airports had lost passengers by 5.09%. Hence, the above mention increase is doubly significant. Going through the figures in detail, we find some…

The Norwegian Madrid base is inaugurated Airlines,Airports

Norwegian B737 LN-KKW at Madrid / Aero Icarus

Yesterday, lainformacion.com informed that the Norwegian Madrid Base was opened during a launch ceremony. Thus, the third European low cost airline starts their Adolfo Suárez Madrid base to operate seven direct routes. Norwegian has already got a base in Alicante, Barcelona, Málaga, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. They have now based two B737-800s in Madrid to cover their daily flights to London and Copenhagen – One frequency is being added to the Copenhagen flight. Also, they will fly to Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Hamburg, Warsaw and Malta.Ms Ana Isabel Mariño – the Madrid councillor of employment, tourism and culture – attended this ceremony, together with…

The Canary Islands increase offer to the UK and Germany respectively by over 34% Airports,FC Tools

Photo: Condor aircraft landing at Lanzarote airport

One more season starts and, as usual, we have updated our data base with fresh details, both for the just finished season – winter 2013 – and for the new season which now starts – summer 2014 – for you to be able to use our Airport Statistics web tool. We have also spent some time using this tool and, going through the Canary Islands in particular, reached some conclusions which may be of your interest: The Canary Islands increase offer to their main destinations. Lanzarote The number of seats offered by the airlines from Lanzarote airport increased by 22% in…

The traffic trends of the main 50 airlines in the Spanish airports Airlines

Statistics - Trends

According to the figures published by Aena, the Spanish airports served in 2013 6,735,696 less passengers than in 2012 (-3.48%). The amount is not so bad if we consider the traffic evolution from January to August 2013 when airlines had lost 6,818,968 passengers with regard to the same period of 2012. Hence, from September to December airlines have served 83,272 more passengers than in the same period of 2012.Between January and August, IAG – made up from Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling and British Airways – had lost 1.64 million passengers. The overall loss increased up to 1.85 million within the whole 2013….

Nordic tourism strong increase leads Alicante to an all-time high Airports

Works in the Alicante airport's terminal in 2010 by Dr Rdl/Wikimedia Commons

The strong increase of the Nordic tourism since the start of the year has put Alicante-Elche over the historical record of foreign customers achieved in 2011. Up to November there were 600,000 more international tourists thanks to the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finland passenger upturn. The Russian traveller increase has been notable also. Thus, Alicante has been about to overcome Gran Canaria as the fifth Spanish airport.According to the Aena airport statistics for November, Alicante has increased passengers by 14%. This is the fourth highest increase after Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Tenerife.The amount of users in Alicante at the end of the year…

More difficulties for Iberia if the Government bring Norwegian to T4 Airlines,Airports

Norwegian aircraft by Markus Mainka / shutterstock.com

Conflict of interest between the Aena privatisation and the Iberia’s growth plans.Going on with the negotiations of Aena with Norwegian and considering that the Madrid Airport Terminal 4 (T4) is currently dedicated to the Oneworld airline alliance, it might be a new problem for Iberia if the low cost airline based their operation at this terminal too.The Iberia’s board recently said that the short and medium haul became a problem for the airline. The arrival of Norwegian to T4 in Madrid airport, which under-utilisation is a great concern for the Government, would contribute to worsen the situation of the Spanish airline.Industry sources…

The Aena’s plan to regain traffic includes Norwegian Airlines,Airports

Madrid Airport T1

According to the information published by vozpopuli, the spectacular tax increase of last year caused a 6.3 million passenger loss in the Spanish airports within 12 months of July 2012. The main drop took place in Madrid where the number of passengers had decreased by 14.3% between January and August as we explained last month.For this reason, the Government is currently processing an amendment to the Budget with the subventions we anticipated on Monday.Besides, focused on Madrid airport, ElPaís informed on Tuesday that a 62-page document has been drawn up by Aena with detail on the measures to avoid the airport keeps losing traffic. The…

British tourism makes Alicante be the first Spanish airport in low cost flights Airlines,Airports

According to a report by the Institute of Tourism Studies from the Ministry of Industry, 80% of the operations in Alicante are low cost. These airlines will move 3.5 million passengers in the low season. This has helped the airport win back six hundred thousand out of the one million passengers lost in 2012 due to the crisis and the Spanair demise. The big growth of airlines like Norwegian, Jet2.com, Ryanair and the Russian operators have led the airport to the first place in the ranking of low cost airlines Out of 6,595,725 passengers within the first eight months in 2013, 5,280,000 flew…