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Ryanair terminates Swissport contract to do self handling Airlines,Handling

Swissport staff performing ramp handling to a Ryanair plane in Madrid airport / Flickr-ÁlvaroBa

After over seven years Ryanair terminates Swissport contract, both for passengers and ramp handling, in Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. The reason behind this is that Aena finally accepted the Ryanair request to perform self ramp handling.Ramp handling is limited in the Spanish airportsThe ramp handling in the Spanish airports is not open and can be performed only by those agents who have a license. In fact, the second phase for the handling tender is currently under process. It is precisely this phase which will determine the new companies entitled to offer ramp handling services to airlines at Madrid airport.Apart from the ramp…

Handling tender second phase in Spanish airports Handling

Iberia's plane Terminal 4

Following with the renovation process of Handling licenses in the Spanish airports, AENA has published a press release with the terms and conditions  for the Handling tender second phase. This public tender deals with ramp handling licenses for third parties. The Handling tender second phase includes 19 airports with more than one million passengers per year. These airports will have two or three handling agents. Additionally to this, it is bid the ramp license for one only handling agent for both El Hierro and La Gomera airports. The new licenses will be in force for seven years. In this handling tender second phase, the…

Fuel licenses out to tender in the Spanish airports Handling,Regulations

Shell Petrol Tanker at airport / Flickr-Carlos Manuel Reyes Santos

Aena is putting 37 fuel licenses out to tender for 39 airports of the net. These fuel licenses are expected to last for seven years. A previous consultation process is being started with airlines.Thus, Aena is starting to renew the fuel licenses through a workshop which is open to the airport user committee in which airlines are integrated. This is intended for them to participate in the definition of the tender terms and conditions.The consultation process is expected to last for two months. With its conclusions, Aena will define and publish the terms and conditions.A two-phased tenderIn the first phase…

10 bids have been placed for the Handling licenses in 22 Spanish airports Handling,Regulations

A380 receiving ground handling services at Frankfurtt

On March, 20 Aena launched a press release informing on the bids that had been placed for the ramp handling licenses to be tendered in the Spanish airports as per the Terms and Conditions that had been anticipated.This is our translation into English:20 March 2014 10 bids have been placed for the public tender called by Aena to award the licenses for 22 airports of the net. In particular, these bids are referred to the first phase of the tender on ground handling to third parties for 22 airports which serve less than one million passengers a year and have an only handling agent….

Aena’s press release on Handling Tender Handling,Regulations

Groundforce equipment in Madrid airport by José Masot

As anticipated in this blog Aena published the terms and conditions for the Handling Tender and launched a press release which translation follows: Aena has started the first phase for the public ramp handling tender for third parties in 22 airports. The licenses awarded shall be in force for seven years. This first phase includes all airports with less than one million passengers per year. They will have one only handling agent. Thus, Aena continues with the handling license renewal which begun last spring when a consultation process started through which airlines and all concerned parties where invited to participate in the handling tender…

Handling licenses in Spain Handling

In continuation with the tender for the handling licenses in Spain, please see below the following two pieces of news which might be of your interest:Menzies aims to become one of the 3 main handling operators in SpainEuropa Press informs that Menzies will place bids to become one of the three main handling operators in Spain.They aim to get the ramp handling licences for, at least, one of the 3 groups in which the 24 smaller airports have been spread. Each group would have an overall passenger volume by 3 million and they will be the first invitation to tender. Afterwards, there…