10 bids have been placed for the Handling licenses in 22 Spanish airports

A380 receiving ground handling services at Frankfurtt

On March, 20 Aena launched a press release informing on the bids that had been placed for the ramp handling licenses to be tendered in the Spanish airports as per the Terms and Conditions that had been anticipated.

This is our translation into English:
20 March 2014
10 bids have been placed for the public tender called by Aena to award the licenses for 22 airports of the net.

In particular, these bids are referred to the first phase of the tender on ground handling to third parties for 22 airports which serve less than one million passengers a year and have an only handling agent.

These airports are grouped in three lots depending on their locations and their volume of passengers and cargo.

The airport lists per lot can be checked here

Separately, a second license in Vitoria and Zaragoza, for cargo only, is to be awarded.

These bids have been placed by:

    • Lots 1, 2 and 3:
      1. Lesma
      2. Globalia Handling/Iberhandling
      3. Menzies Aviation
      4. Iberia Airport Services
      5. Clece/Talher
      6. Acciona Airport Services SAU
      7. WISAG Aviation Service GMBH&COKG
      8. Swissport Handling, S.A.
      9. World Wide Flight Services
      10. Aviapartner SAS


    • Second agent for cargo in Zaragoza
      1. Globalia Handling/Iberhandling
      2. Clece/Talher
      3. Swissport Handling, S.A.
      4. World Wide Flight Services
      5. ACL Ground Services


  • Second agent for cargo in Vitoria
    1. Clece/Talher
    2. World Wide Flight Services

These are the bids placed at 13:30, at the Aena’s General Registry. Other offers might be received through other channels as far as they meet the established requirements.

Renewal process of handling licenses 
The ramp handling tender for third parties is carried out in two phases. The one currently in place is for airports with less than one million passengers per year. The second one, for airports with more than a million passengers per year will take place in about a couple of months.

In the second phase, the ramp ground handling licenses for 19 airports will be awarded. The 5 busiest airports (Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Alicante and Palma) will have 3 agents. The other airports with over one million passengers (Asturias, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Girona, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Menorca, Tenerife South, Tenerife North, Reus, Santiago, Seville, Valencia and Gran Canaria) will have two agents each.

Photo: A380 receiving ground handling services at Frankfurt / Grogri