Vitoria airport to accept flights during the day

Antonov An-225 airplane at Vitoria airport, Vitoria Gasteiz Foronda, by Irekia - Gobierno Vasco / Wikimedia Commons

Vitoria airport:

Vitoria airport  employees and Aena reached an agreement to accept flights during the day, upon request, out of the current night-time working hours.

Vitoria airport reduced working hours in August 2012 from H24 to 20:30-08:30 LT as a consequence of the Aena´s cost saving plan.

Since then there have been several protests, although talks about this subject remained active until an agreement has been found.

This agreement will come into effect within two months for passenger flights, but is valid for cargo flights since the agreement was signed.

Photo: Irekia / Gobierno Vasco – Wikimedia Commons