Aena confirm Tenerife North opening time extension

Tenerife North Opening Times

Following with our post of 18 April about the Tenerife North airport opening times, yesterday informed on the fact that Aena has definitely approved the extension of the working hours for the airport.

Hence, the new opening times will be 05:00-21:00 UTC in the summer seasons and 06:00-22:00 UTC during the winter seasons.

The vice-president for the Council of Tenerife—Carlos Alonso—together with the Head of Planning for Vueling—Javier Suárez—have explained that the new working hours will let Vueling base an A320 at Tenerife North as from this winter season, to start in October. This will allow them to promote the business trips as well as the connectivity with Europe through Barcelona.

Also, Javier Suárez took the opportunity to announce that they will launch two new routes from Tenerife North: LCG to start on 30 October and OVD to operate between 21 December and 7 January.