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Catalan NOx tax collection to commence Charges,Regulations

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On 18th January the Catalan Authorities published that the payment procedure for the NOx tax had been approved through Law 12/2014 on 10th October. We had already anticipated the hightlights of this Law that came into force with effect 1st January 2015. Payment must be arranged between 1st and 20th February through the Generalitat de Cataluña website. We have also learnt that IATA is opposed to this tax and they are taking actions against the Catalan Government. A full explanation regarding its position can be found here.

La Seu d’Urgell: yet another commercial airport in Spain Airports,Startups

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LaVanguardia informed that La Seu d’Urgell airport is no longer an airfield, as of yesterday it has become a commercial airport and hence tourist, passenger, cargo or private flights may operate there from now on. This is happening five years after Alguaire started operations on January 17, 2010 also in the province of Lleida. Both airports are owned by the Government of Catalonia. Albert Batalla – mayor of Seu d’Urgell – said that both airports are compatible with each other because they are different: Alguaire is for big aircrafts and La Seu d’Urgell airport is for smaller planes, with up to forty or fifty…

Foreign tourism all-time high in Spain Airports

Considering all means of transport, Spain received 45.4 million foreign tourists between January and August 2014. This is 7.3% over the same period last year. Therefore, it means a new foreign tourism all-time high after the one achieved last year. According to Frontur – Spanish Institute of tourist studies – 9.1 million tourists came to Spain in August. This is 8.8% over August 2013. It is worth noting the French tourism, which contribution to the traffic increase was most significant: the number of French people who came to Spain by whatever means of transport increased in 171,000 in August. All the…

New environmental tax in Barcelona airport Airports,Regulations

Barcelona Airport Terminal

The Government of Catalonia approved last Tuesday the creation of an environmental tax that will be charged in Barcelona to commercial flights. The Catalan Government expects this measure be definitely adopted before the next summer. It is expected that this rate be charged to all commercial flights departing from Barcelona airport and they presume to collect about 3.9 million Euros a year.According to the Minister of the Presidency, Mr. Homs, this new tax will not generate an extra cost for passengers since the Law Regulations will prevent airlines charge this new tax to their clients directly.According to travelupdate.com this new tax would increase the amounts…

Low Cost airlines lost market in November 2013 Airlines,Airports

Ryanair flight-Low Cost airlines lost market

According to hosteltur , if we compare November 2012 and 2013, Low Cost airlines lost market for first time to a total international arrivals of 48.6% versus traditional airlines which hold 51.4% of international arrivals in November. Despite a 7.7% international traffic increase scenario, low cost airlines lost market . November Low Cost airlines factor is a 72.9% while traditional airlines have a load factor of 71.3% which indicates a reduction in the gap among the two groups of airlines which usually is over 3 points.The Touristic Studies Institute highlights for November that Low Cost airlines lost market in Madrid by 18% and the increase in…

Airlines operating in Spain fear a new “green tax” Airports,Charges,Regulations

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Catalonia will pioneer the initiative of imposing a new tax on the CO2 emissions. This green tax has been included in the Regional Budgets for 2014, and according to the Catalan Government estimates, it will bring revenue of 3.6 million Euros in the next year.This is not the first time that the Government of Catalonia tries this and, in fact, other countries in Europe like Germany, France and UK have similar “green” charges, where the airline industry is taxed for its environmental impact.The news has alarmed airlines associations (Aceta, ALA and Aeca). They consider that this initiative may produce a…

Foreign tourism anticipates a record year Airports

Despite the bad start of the year and the poor expectations based on flight bookings, the beginning of the high season (July to September) anticipates a record year in hotel occupancy and income thanks to the foreign tourism.A key for this change to happen is the strength of our three big source markets (the United Kingdom, Germany and France) which bring 55% of the foreign tourism. The first data handled by entrepreneurs indicate unprecedented occupancy rates since the start of the financial crisis. The expected rates would be over 80% in August in five out of the 6 major touristic regions…

The Schedules for the stops at Reus airport are confirmed Airports,Handling

The Aena employees are finalizing the details of the protests. Last Monday they confirmed to Aena the days for the stops at Reus airport, which will be the following weekends:20-21Jul, 27-28Jul, 3-4Aug and 10-11Aug.The schedules have been fixed as follows: Saturdays from 18:00 to 21:00 LT and Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00 LT.They are expecting today the confirmation of the minimum services.The reasons for calling this strike, approved by a wide margin, are mainly the reduction of the working hours and the elimination of a shift out of five. The committee says that this decision puts 14 jobs in risk….