Low Cost airlines lost market in November 2013

Ryanair flight-Low Cost airlines lost market

According to hosteltur , if we compare November 2012 and 2013, Low Cost airlines lost market for first time to a total international arrivals of 48.6% versus traditional airlines which hold 51.4% of international arrivals in November. Despite a 7.7% international traffic increase scenario, low cost airlines lost market . 

November Low Cost airlines factor is a 72.9% while traditional airlines have a load factor of 71.3% which indicates a reduction in the gap among the two groups of airlines which usually is over 3 points.

The Touristic Studies Institute highlights for November that Low Cost airlines lost market in Madrid by 18% and the increase in Barcelona by 6.5%.

If we look at the accumulated figures for January-November 2013 there is a 1.7% more of international arrivals and Low Cost airlines still represent a 54.6% of it.

According to hosteltur 59.1% of the low cost passengers are from United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. 
Main destinations for British low cost passengers (+13%) are in November Canary Islands (23.8%) and Valencia Autonomous Region (16.4%). Germans (+19.1) prefer Canary Islands in a 31.7%. Italians (+4.7%) prefer Catalonia in a 48.8%

Source: Hosteltur