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Rajoy announces an 11% reduction of Aena’s rates until 2021 Airports,Charges

Aena Logo by Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez - Flickr

According to a publication in Cinco Días, the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, has announced that tomorrow the Council of Ministers will approve the first document of airport regulation (DORA) for the 2017-2021 period which will include an 11% reduction of Aena’s rates until 2021.   This decision represents an average yearly reduction of 2.2% for the next five years, which goes beyond the reduction required by the National Competition Commission (CNMC), but is lower than the 2.59% requested by the airlines.   “The reduction for the whole period will be 11% and it aims to improve the competitiveness…

Construction of a new terminal for Tenerife South approved by the government Airports

Ryanair arriving in Tenerife South by Carlos Lopez Echeto Marrero

This Wednesday, the minister of development (Fomento) announced that Aena will invest over 120 million Euros in building a new terminal for Tenerife South airport. She has pointed out that this investment will be considered in the Document for Airport Regulation (DORA). This is to be approved by Aena’s board at the beginning of January. According to the information published by 20Minutos, this project involves the construction of a new terminal building of over 16,000 square meters that will connect to the current terminal. The president of the Canary Islands – in a press conference together with the minister – said…

Competition intensifies its demand to Aena: 3.5% reduction for 2016 within 10 days Charges,Regulations

Málaga airport, Terminal 3. Wikimedia Commons.

Aena had frozen charges until 2025 but the National Competition Commission (CNMC) published a report against that decision, urging Aena to lower fees. However, not only Aena said they wouldn’t but they presented an appeal against the CNMC’s report. That appeal was accepted by the National High Court last month and, on Friday, Vozpopuli reported that it is the only way for Aena to avoid having to apply for such reduction. At the moment, unless the National High Court accepts the precautionary measures requested by Aena, the airport charges will have to be lowered 3.5%. This is the level of the reduction required by the…

Corvera loan approved from Brussels subject to San Javier closure Airports

Murcia San Javier airport entrance with the Aena’s logo / Flickr - elyob

Murcia announced their intention to start operations this year with the new airport provided that they managed to have the Corvera loan confirmed by Brussels for about 180 million Euros.Then, Manuel Campos—Councillor for Public Works of the Murcia’s Government—said Corvera and San Javier airports would coexist until 2016. Then Aena would close San Javier to Commercial flights. All subject to the above mentioned Corvera loan.Yesterday, MurciaEconomía informed that the European Commission answered to the Autonomous Community. They will let Murcia go into debt to face that 180 million Euros bank guarantee that had been granted to Aeromur in the past. In exchange, Brussels requested one only…

DORA approved through a Royal Decree Airports,Charges,Regulations

Aena’s electric cars at Madrid airport / Flickr-Ministerio de Fomento

Last Saturday, the expected Royal Decree was published in the Spanish official gazette (BOE). In a 172-page document with different changes to the regulations currently in force, the Aena privatisation and tariff freeze has been confirmed. At the same time, the Document for Airport Regulation – DORA – has been defined. Several Spanish media inform about some of the changes specified in this Royal Decree. Above all, they deal with the tariff freeze and the fact that the Government will keep 51% of the company. Javier Gándara about the new regulation It is noteworthy the article by Javier Gándara—General Director for easyJet—in an op-ed piece at CincoDías….

Aena tariff freeze until 2025 Charges,Regulations

Madrid airport Terminal 4

Aena tariff freeze: The ministry of Development—Fomento—is ready for the Aena tariff freeze in the Spanish airports until 2025.The Royal Decree draft of the Document for Airport Regulation (DORA) takes into consideration the Aena tariff freeze until 2025. This is expected just after the confirmation of the privatisation by 49% of Aena Aeropuertos.The target is to bring more traffic to the Spanish airports. Hence, the Aena tariff freeze will be subject to conditions such as “possible regulatory changes or unforeseen occurrences”.Thus, the draft fixes the Aena tariff freeze until 2025 provided that the investments in the net are not over 450 million Euros…

Aena privatisation is confirmed Airports,Regulations

Lufthansa takeoff shot from Barcelona airport terminal / Kozumel

Ana Pastor – Minister of Development – managed to succeed with her plans and they will finally go ahead with the Aena privatisation. Aena will make an initial public offering (IPO) this autumn. However, they will put on sale only 49% of the company instead of 60% as their Consulting Council of Privatisation (CCP) had recommended.A smaller part through the same privatisation system.The council of ministers reached an agreement last Friday. Thus, they confirmed the Aena privatisation will be distributed in two phases: 28% through an IPO, and 21% for a stable nucleus with at least three main shareholders. This is…

The Government to create a regulatory framework for the Aena privatisation Airports,Charges,Regulations

Ana Pastor in Nov 2007 by Partido Popular de Cataluña / Wikimedia Commons

The minister of Fomento, Ana Pastor, announced they are working on a regulatory framework for the Aena privatisation which guarantees the public interest of the Spanish airport net before its privatisation. This regulatory framework should have been developed by the end of the current year.However she said that the privatisation will start “only when the Government is ready and the appropriate market conditions are detected”.Pastor explained that the new regulatory framework “will set the maximum quality and service levels, as well as schemes for revenues and investments”. Also, the maximum charges would be regulated, considering that a big concern of…