Construction of a new terminal for Tenerife South approved by the government

Ryanair arriving in Tenerife South by Carlos Lopez Echeto Marrero

This Wednesday, the minister of development (Fomento) announced that Aena will invest over 120 million Euros in building a new terminal for Tenerife South airport. She has pointed out that this investment will be considered in the Document for Airport Regulation (DORA). This is to be approved by Aena’s board at the beginning of January. According to the information published by 20Minutos, this project involves the construction of a new terminal building of over 16,000 square meters that will connect to the current terminal.

The president of the Canary Islands – in a press conference together with the minister – said they are very grateful to the ministry: According to the DORA, investments in airports are limited to 450 million Euros per year and they must be covered by airport charges.

ALA supports Aena on the Málaga second runway controversy

In other news, with regard to the controversy on the second runway of the Málaga airport, EuropaPress reported on Wednesday that the Spanish Airline Association ALA supports “the efforts that Aena is making to improve efficiency”. In their opinion, the second runway is a guarantee of growth. However, they say that “this does not mean that we have to forget the efficiency targets which are giving some good results”.

They think that data demonstrates that during2015, the second runway has not been necessary 97% of the time since the capacity offered by the first runway has not been exceeded. According to this data, until September, only 48 out of 81,640 operations have been affected by the airport capacity. Moreover, in July, August and September, there have been no delays as a consequence of airport capacity.