Aena will be able to avoid the price reduction if the budgets are amended

Thomas Cook Airlines taking off in Lanzarote airport by jBarcena - Flickr.

Yesterday we informed that an Aena airport charges decrease had been confirmed through the State Budget Project. However, it looks like it is not so easy and that confirmation might not be a fact. Yesterday evening ElPais published a comprehensive article reporting that the Spanish National High Court refused all the appeals against Competition (CNMC) regarding Aena airport costs. Their decision was based on the fact that Aena’s prices are a responsibility of the parliament, thus court appeals don’t make sense.

Aena’s intention was that Justice prevent the CNMC from forcing them to lower prices but that didn’t work and that’s why the Budgets included such a significant price reduction. At least during this first step of the budget approval procedure. However, when refusing the appeal, the National High Court reminded Aena that the Budget project can be amended in the parliament. There, the Government – owner of Enaire which in turn owns 51% of Aena – has absolute majority and any amendment they propose will therefore be accepted.

For all the above, the Spanish Airline Association – ALA – published a note yesterday saying that Spanish Aviation requires Aena to accept the CNMC’s proposal and reduce the prices. ALA showed their concern over the possibility that Aena use the parliament to keep the prices frozen after failing to appeal successfully. So we will have to wait until further steps in the procedure of approval of the State Budgets to see if the price reduction remains.

Photo: Thomas Cook Airlines taking off in Lanzarote airport by jBarcena – Flickr.