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Airlines can charge for checked-in luggage Airlines,Regulations

Vueling aircraft landed / Aero Icarus

The court of justice of the European Union approved last Thursday that airlines can charge extra costs for the checked-in luggage. The judgement is in favour of Vueling, who had challenged the 3,000 Euros fine from the Galician Consumer Institute. According to the news by ElMundo.es, a Galician citizen reported Vueling to her local government. She complained because she had been charged with 40 Euros for checked-in luggage in a flight from A Coruña to Amsterdam. Then, the Galician Consumer Institute charged Vueling with 3,000 Euros, considering the Spanish regulation was infringed. According to the Spanish law, passengers are entitled to a one free piece…

Ryanair is planning to grow in Madrid, to shrink in Barcelona Airlines

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

Last month we informed that Vueling was about to catch Ryanair as the largest operator in Spain. Now, latest data collected from Aena confirm that, with the month of March over, Vueling has become the first operator in the Spanish airports as a matter of fact. Between January and March they have served 4.60 million passengers, ahead of Ryanair which transported 4,57 million people within the same period. However, aiming to keep their position, they announced some changes with regard to their operations in Spain:First of all, according to ABC.es Ryanair will connect Madrid with six new destinations, i.e. Bremen,Catania, Cologne, Eindhoven, Fes and Warsow, all to start in…

Eight of the Ryanair clauses are declared void by a Madrid court Airlines,Regulations

Some ryanair clauses are void

A Consumer and User Organization—OCU—took legal action against Ryanair in 2011 and, yesterday, a Madrid court confirmed that eight of the Ryanair clauses must be removed because they are unfair. They are no longer allowed to force users to file lawsuits in Ireland. Passengers are entitled to use identifications which are valid in Spain such as the family record book. Paying 40 Euros for printing the boarding card has been considered to be excessive. Ryanair shall accept cash payments and not only credit cards. The clause that entitled them to deny boarding to a passenger or its luggage without reasonable…