Eight of the Ryanair clauses are declared void by a Madrid court

Some ryanair clauses are void

A Consumer and User Organization—OCU—took legal action against Ryanair in 2011 and, yesterday, a Madrid court confirmed that eight of the Ryanair clauses must be removed because they are unfair.

  1. They are no longer allowed to force users to file lawsuits in Ireland.
  2. Passengers are entitled to use identifications which are valid in Spain such as the family record book.
  3. Paying 40 Euros for printing the boarding card has been considered to be excessive.
  4. Ryanair shall accept cash payments and not only credit cards.
  5. The clause that entitled them to deny boarding to a passenger or its luggage without reasonable cause has been declared void.
  6. Some articles were prohibited from being carried in baggage like money, keys, cameras, computers, medicines, glasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, cigarettes, passports and other documents. This clause has been declared void too.
  7. They will not be able to charge undetermined amounts of money on storage costs when the luggage is not collected at arrivals.
  8. They are supposed to remove the clause that entitles them to unilaterally change the flight schedules.

The decision taken by this court is subject to appeal.
OCU said they do not have confidence that Ryanair are going to take any action to this respect, so they asked the Spanish authorities to supervise and sanction these poor practices as soon as possible.


Source: ElPaís.