The current Air Nostrum CEO to become the owner

Air Nostrum CRJ-200ER at Lanzarote airport

Air Nostrum hired the services from Seabury to analyse and sell the airline. Today, informs that the current Air Nostrum CEO, Carlos Bertomeu, has decided to make a strong commitment to the airline by putting his own money. For this purpose, he has the support from his partners of the Valencian Infertility Institute to invest in such a difficult and changing industry.

“Creativity, determination, long-term thinking, humility and ability to correct mistakes are, in my view, the values to start a business from the scratch” Bertomeu said during a cabin crew course closure. Values which he will have to apply in his new time with a restructured Air Nostrum in a market very well known by him. In fact, he managed the airline during its hardest period.

It was in 1994 when Bertomeu suggested the creation of a regional airline to the Sarratosa brothers, based on the bright points of the ones which already existed in other European countries. From that moment, Bertomeu has been leading the airline and, twenty years later, he is going to be own it through his package of shares.

During his time in Air Nostrum, the airline was awarded in the United States as the best regional airline of the world.

Apart from the Air Nostrum CEO, Bertomeu was also CEO for Vueling – currently a part of the IAG group.


Photo: Air Nostrum CRJ-200ER at Lanzarote airport / Andy_Mitchell_UK