Plus Ultra finally receives AOC

Plus Ultra EC-MDG by José Luis Celada Euba - flickr

According to an article in, five years after the initialization of the project Plus Ultra has finally received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This news means that Plus Ultra now has all the necessary permissions to get off the ground. AESA gave them an “A license” which permits them to, “exploit air services for passengers, freight and/or post, in exchange for earnings and/or rent payment.”

The wait has not been easy for the company, especially once they purchased their first plane which must be kept indoors and maintained. They had been aiming to start operation in the first quarter of 2015, but without the AOC that became impossible. Now they have the AOC and two Airbus A340 aircrafts. It’s only a matter of time before they begin operating. Their plan is to connect Madrid to different cities in Latin America. Plus Ultra plans to use its own wholesale company Plus Ultra Vacaciones to sell their product. Currently, the only information given on the Plus Ultra website is for job announcements for different positions within the company. It doesn’t give any information about the planned date of initial operation. This date has been predicted and changed many times, starting in 2012. However, things are looking up for the company as they have passed one of the most important hurdles.

Photo: Plus Ultra EC-MDG by José Luis Celada Euba – Flickr