Brussels Airport sets Vigo and Seville as the two potential destinations in Spain

According to the local media in Vigo, Faro de Vigo , Brussels Airport marketing and operation department setsVigo-Peinador Airport as one of two current potential destinations in Spain, together with Seville.

Vigo is included in the official list as an airport with enough traffic to open a profitable regular connection. According to the information published by Aena, in 2012 there were over 3,400 people who went to Brussels from Vigo through another airport, due to the lack of direct flights. However, this report does not consider, for example, the thousands of passengers who, going from Vigo, might have flown to Brussels directly from Porto.

The connection between Vigo and Brussels is an old demand. In fact it appears in all studies performed so far either by the city, the province, the autonomous region or the State.

This route was already operated for two years. In 2010 by Vueling supported by a local subvention transported over 18,000 passengers between April and October, but they did not extend the operation due to an insufficient load factor (50%). Considering they used 180-seater aircrafts the average payload was 90 passengers.

In 2011, the agreement for the local subvention was reached with Air Nostrum but they put tickets on sale less than two months in advance. They operated three flights a week with 50 and 90-seater aircrafts, transporting 6,800 passengers along that summer season 

Vigo is one of 13 European routes in which Brussels Airport is interested in.


Source: Faro de Vigo