A new model for the slot coordination in Spain has been approved

Aircraft on runway

In continuation with the ongoing restructuring process of Aena, last Friday, the Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree to define a new body, composed of Aena and airlines, to allocate the slots in the Spanish airports. Afterwards, the Ministry of Fomento published a press release which we have translated as follows:

A new model for the slot coordination has been approved The Council of Ministers has approved today, through a Royal Decree, a new regulatory framework for the Slot Coordination in the Spanish airports.

This new rule fixes an independent coordination body, composed of Aena Aeropuertos and airlines which operate in our country, in the same way as other European coordinators.

The coordinator, in all the Spanish territory, will be responsible for allocating slots in our airports so that the airline flying programmes can be adapted to the existing capacity in the airports.

The new royal decree does not affect to the way the slots are assigned. This continues to be subject to the principles of impartiality, transparency and non-discrimination as well as to the rules in place with regard to slot coordination, as per the European Regulation 95/93 about slot coordination in European airports, as Aena has been doing since 1993.

Moreover, the new royal decree regulates several coordination committees to give advice on airport slots either at a national level or, particularly, at the busiest airports.

Source: Ministry of Fomento