The new charge for the coordinator and the groups of destinations for the subsidies

Transports of the world

A new Royal Decree was published on Saturday with definitions on the two items we were expecting:

  • The list of airports which are considered as the same area with regard to subsidies for the new destinations.
  • The charge for the coordinator: The definition of a new fee to be charged by the new coordinator

Groups of airports with regard to new destinations
The list below shows the groups of airports which have been considered as the same destination with regard to the subsidies:

The new charge for the coordinator
A new charge has been defined to pay for the services performed by the coordinator. The charge will be paid by:

  • The airports – either fully coordinated or facilitated – and,
  • The airlines which hold slots allocated for those airports in the final programme of every month. Airlines which hold a maximum of ten slots allocated for a certain season are exempted from this charge.

The amount of this charge is the result of the following formula:
P = q x m
“q” is a fix amount of 0.85€ per allocated slot in a fully coordinated airport and 0.43€ per slot in a facilitated airport. For further information on whether an airport is coordinated or facilitated you can check the list in the last page of the document defining the new coordinator here.

For every airline, “m” indicates the number of allocated slots in the final programme of each month with regard to the records of the coordinator.

The airports will have to pay the same amounts. They will pay the same charge considering “m” as the number of slots scheduled by the coordinator in the final programme of each month.

The invoices will be issued at the end of each month. The payment of these invoices shall be made within 15 days after the invoice was made.

The coordinator is responsible for the management, invoicing and collection of this charge. The airport authority may cooperate in these tasks.

The airport authority and the coordinator shall reach an agreement within six months from the start of operations of the coordinator.

This charge is to be paid as from the start of operations of the coordinator.


Source: BOE