Aena will apply a bonus on the Palma Airport rates


The AENA’s General Manager, Mr. Javier Marín, has announced they will progressively apply a bonus of up to 40% on airport rates in Palma during the winter months by an agreement signed with the Mayor of Palma de Mallorca under the frame of Fundación Turismo Palma de Mallorca 365, with the intention of bringing down the seasonality of this airport.

During the act, Mr. Marin has highlighted the passenger’s inflow by 65% in summer compared to 35% in winter. Thus, Baleares is the only area that may benefit from this measure. 

According to, he defended the non application in the Canaries because the level of seasonality is lower and the only thing that changes is the kind of passenger, not the number.

AENA has confirmed that the distribution of the demand in the Canary airports is very close to 50-50During the low season the international tourism is decreasing, but the national tourism is increasing so there is no seasonality. Nevertheless, according to the current regulation if the imbalance reaches 40-60, they will automatically apply this bonus.

Despite the passenger decrease, Son Sant Joan is the most profitable airport in Spain. According to Marin, Palma airport has recovered most of the investment made on infrastructures and it is breaking records in number of passengers, with an increase of 6% in May.

Source: 20 minutos