Fewer flights, bigger airfrafts

Today we find in the Spanish media the following news which might be of your interest:

According to the estimations of Aena the airlines increase by 10% the number of seats offered to the Canaries, the Balearics, the Mediterranean area and the international routes. However, in the whole Spanish Airport net, the available seats decrease by 7% overall. The number of slots held drop by 8.4% in the Spanish airports.

Sources from Aena explain that the financial crisis is impacting, above all, on the domestic flights. Also there is a trend towards bigger airfrafts so the number of flights is lower, but “the expected load factor and the available capacity are higher”.

Also, they indicated that, for the summer season, over 50 new routes will be operated in 16 Spanish airports: Some of these airports are Barcelona, with 10 new routes, Palma (7 routes), Menorca (6 routes), Reus (5 routes), Gran Canaria (4), Girona (4), Madrid (3), Ibiza (3), Sevilla (2) and Lanzarote (1).

The cost increases for the operators and the drop in the demand have led airlines to reduce capacity, especially within the domestic industry. For example, Vueling has scheduled a capacity increase by 1% for the domestic flights. However, their capacity in international flights increases by 14%.

Iberia is reducing their offer in general, as a part of their rearrangement, but they are recovering the routes to Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Athens between June and September taking benefit from the increase of traffic to these destinations. 

In continuation with this subject, we are happy to inform you that our Airport Statistics are now available. Very soon, we will inform you on what to do to be able to use them but, in the meantime, for those of you who have already registered and have an account with us, you can already pay a look into it.


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Source: laprovincia.es