Islas Afortunadas Air: New airline based in the Canary Islands

In continuation with the new projects for the Canary Islands that we had mentioned in an earlier post, different Spanish media announced last week that Islas Afortunadas Air will start operations in October this year.

Islas Afortunadas Air would be a project different from Aerocanarias although both web sites are under construction at the moment.

Islas Afortunadas Air would start operations in October this year with 10 BAe146 and 2 A320 connecting their home base in Gran Canaria with every island in the Canaries as well as with Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia, Morocco and Mauritania.

To start with, the company will hire about 450 people but they aim for a staff of 1,100 employees in the medium term.

It will be a low cost airline. In fact, José Antonio Godoy—manager for Islas Afortunadas Air—said that they will be able to reduce by 50% the fares which are currently being offered by Air Europa, Iberia Express, Ryanair, Binter or Canaryfly.

Their target would be to transport 3,496,000 passengers within their first year. For that they would be starting to sell tickets at the end of August.

José Antonio Godoy also assured that they are already holding all the licenses from the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority and they only have left one formality with the Canary Government.

In the medium term they aim for direct connections with the main European cities like Paris, London and Berlin.