Murcia-San Javier to be transferred to Corvera

Murcia-San Javier to be transferred to Corvera

Last Friday, the 6th of September, a representative from the Government of the Murcia Autonomous Region, Mr. José Ballesta, announced that Aena and the Ministry of Defence are about to reach an agreement so that Murcia-San Javier is closed for commercial flights, which will be transferred to Corvera airport after a long period in which the latter airport has been closed.

An agreement might have been reached to cancel the contract for the Corvera-Airport to the current concession company since they would have failed in their obligation as to the opening date. The agreement could be confirmed this Friday.

Mr Ballesta clarified that the tender procedure should be carried out before the end of this year for the airport to be operative in the first months of 2014.

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