The new Aena Charges are already in force

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The new Aena charges:

On March, 1 the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) published the Law 1/2014. Through this law, the expected changes in the Aena charges are made official and have therefore immediate effect.

As a consequence of this law, all fees charged by Aena since March 1 will be updated as previously explained in this summary.

The Aena charges have been updated in our Flight Cost Calculator accordingly for your easy check and understanding. If you have any doubt just leave us a message.

Due to the fact that Aena stopped collecting the approach charge, this fee does not appear in our FC Calculator any longer.

On the other hand, the new meteorological service charge has been introduced in the price lists.

For further detail, you can go through the updated Price Guide published by Aena.

In other news, this Guide also includes the definition of the current subsidies and incentives that we had already anticipated. You can look it up in page number 20.

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