New Menorca based startup to be presented this week

According to the information from hosteltur, Mariano Bendito and Lorenzo Moll, two entrepreneurs from Menorca, are working on a new Menorca based startup for the island which may solve its lack of connectivity. They already have the support from the Balearic institutions, a bank and several other entrepreneurs. Also, they would count with the “Aena’s receptiveness”.

The project will be presented on the 13th of September and would foresee the lease of three 109-seater Fokker-100’s and one 78-seater Fokker-70 to operate interisland flights as well as to connect Menorca with other Spanish cities. Later on, they would seek to operate with other European destinations too.

The airline’s name would not have been decided yet, but Servicios Aéreos de MenorcaMenorca Air orMenorca Airlines might be some of the possibilities they are taking into consideration.

The budget is of between 9 and 10 million euro out of which 49% would be investments from the local and central Governments.

“We are not intending to compete with the already existing routes, but we don’t want the island to depend on the interests of other airlines which suddenly leave us without connections”. They consider the first programme would have to include five daily connections with Mallorca and one with Ibiza; two daily flights with Valencia and Madrid and three with Barcelona. These cities would be followed by Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastián and Bilbao.

So far their calculations expect an average load factor by 70%, but according to their plan, they would be profitable with any load factor above 30%.

Precisely last Friday, informed that Ryanair will no longer operate to Menorca this winter season due to the “high seasonality and the lack of interest and cooperation from the public administration”.