Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena, Catalá leaves Enaire

Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane / flickr.com

As we have been informing, Enaire is currently responsible for Aena SA. Enaire will continue to be 100% a State company, in charge of the air navigation in Spain. On the other hand, Aena SA, the Spanish airport manager, is being sold by 49%.

Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena

According to CincoDías Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena. They had been announcing that they were exploring the documents, but the deadline for bids was yesterday and Ryanair discarded theirs just the day before.

According to EuropaPress, the Spanish Minister of Development – Ana Pastor – assured there are national and international investors which have confirmed interest in Aena. The government is confident that they will manage to reduce the list to end up with about three of them only.

As already explained, on Sep 29 Aena is expected to announce the companies that are invited to participate in the tender for the Aena’s main nucleus. Then, by Oct 8 every invited company should have placed bids.

Preferente.com,  informed that Ryanair discarded its bid for Aena after a meeting held by Michael O’Leary and the Ryanair’s board.

Catalá leaves Enaire

Yesterday, Rafael Catalá was unexpectedly appointed Minister of Justice. This way, he leaves the Enaire’s chair that he had just taken over. The name of the new State Secretary for Infrastructure and, consequently, chairman of Enaire, has not been announced yet.

Banking increases Aena’s value

Preferente.com  informed yesterday that the Aena’s value increased to 6,850 million Euros despite the Aena’s debt of 11,400 million Euros. Therefore, the part of the company intended for the main nucleus would be as much as 1,300 million Euros. The part of the company for the IPO would be of 1,900 million Euros.


Photo: Strait of Gibraltar view from a Ryanair’s plane/ Flickr