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Madrid and Iberia might be back Standard

Airport Screen with an Air Europa flight to Madrid

Analysing the ifnormation from the Spanish media we have the feeling that Madrid and Iberia might be back again soon. Good figures expected for MadridAccording to the Aena’s expectations that published, based on the slot allocation, Barajas airport would increase passengers by 7.7% and flights by 5.5% during this summer season. Sources from Aena have confirmed to this office that the passenger increase is at the moment 7.2% and the operation increase 2.2%. These figures are still good in any case.An interesting graph comparing the traffic evolutions in Madrid and Barcelona between 2003 and 2013 is available here.17 new destinations have been scheduled from…

Regulatory framework on airport subventions Standard


Tomorrow, the European Commission is approving a new regulatory framework on public subventions to airports and airlines. Some countries might be affected, considering that most of their regional airports would have to close. This would be a plus point for the Spanish net usefulness, where the non profitable airports are protected without the need of direct airport subventions from the State.The new rules may change the map of the European aviation industry where the influence of the low cost airlines is significant. Also, the clarification of these rules would facilitate the interest from investors in the Aena’s eventual privatisation. Moreover, it should…

New environmental tax in Barcelona airport Standard

Barcelona Airport Terminal

The Government of Catalonia approved last Tuesday the creation of an environmental tax that will be charged in Barcelona to commercial flights. The Catalan Government expects this measure be definitely adopted before the next summer. It is expected that this rate be charged to all commercial flights departing from Barcelona airport and they presume to collect about 3.9 million Euros a year.According to the Minister of the Presidency, Mr. Homs, this new tax will not generate an extra cost for passengers since the Law Regulations will prevent airlines charge this new tax to their clients directly.According to this new tax would increase the amounts…

Aena increases the maximum handling prices by 14% in the tender for Iberia to enter the bidding process Standard

Iberia Handling containers in Madrid airport

Sources from Aena confirmed to that they have increased the maximum handling prices that the operators will be able to offer during the current tender processes, which results are expected for March and July.The original terms and conditions of the tender established a maximum price of 1,050 Euros for the handling services given to an Airbus 320 in the smaller 22 airports of the Aena’s net. After several conversations with Iberia, this maximum price has been increased to 1,212 Euros – 14.4% higher. In the other 21 airports the expected maximum price is up to 35% higher. According to this information…

Air Navigation charges 2014 Standard

Eurocontrol logo

Air Navigation charges: Air Navigation charges for the Spanish airspace are not suffering any changes in 2014, as we already anticipated here,This has been confirmed today in the Official Gazette B.O.E., where you can find the new charges for the rest of participant countries in Eurocontrol.   Source: B.O.E.  

SNC Lavalin to manage Castellón airport Standard

The “man-plane” statue built by Juan Ripollés at Castellón Airport by Sanbec / Wikimedia Commons

The Canadian group SNC Lavalin Airports (subsidiary of the Canadian engineering firm SNC-Lavalin) will exploit the Castellón Airport during 20 years for 24.5 million Euros.The airport costed 170 million Euros of public money but has no flights so far after its inauguration nearly three years ago.The award has not been confirmed yet, but the agreement seems to be very near. Details are not known for the moment. Apart from those 24.5 million Euros, the Valencia autonomous region Government would get further incomes only in the case that the airport served over 1.2 million passengers. In this case, SNC Lavalin would pay 1 Euro…