Aena 2015 charges

Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera

Last Tuesday 30th December, the Official Gazette BOE published the General State Budget that includes the Aena 2015 charges. It is confirmed that with effect 1st March 2015 and with “indefinite validity”, the prices will remain unchanged. In July, Aena confirmed that the airport charges would be frozen until 2025.

It is worth noting the following modifications to the Air Security Law that will be effective on 1st March 2015: On the one hand, the discount in passenger and security charges for transfer travelers increases from 30% to 35%. On the other hand, the private flights operated by aircrafts which MTOW is lower than 5 tons are exempted from passenger and security charges.

In addition to the above, the Aena’s incentive scheme will continue in the same terms and conditions as in 2014. Therefore, not only the airlines eligible in 2014 can take benefit from the second part of those incentives in 2015, but the new routes or increases will continue to get incentives in 2015 and 2016. Thus, the passenger growth incentive will consist of a 75% discount in the passenger charge for the additional passengers on a route during 2015 (payable 50% in 2016 and 25% in 2017). Also, the new route incentive will be a 100% discount in the passenger charge if the route is a new destination during 2015 (payable 75% in 2016 and 25% in 2017).

Furthermore, the incentive on Valley Days in the Canaries remains in 2015. Airlines operating on those days of the week will continue to get 50% discount in landing & passenger charges. Also, the seasonable airports  will keep getting a 20% discount in passenger & security charges.


Photo: Aena logos at Barcelona airport / Lali Masriera