Agreement Iberia-handling employees

Iberia A320 / Mikebert4

The negotiations between Iberia and the handling employees are expected to have finished by this week. Only a few days before the deadline for placing bids for the first handling tender on March, 20.

Servimedia – Spanish news agency – was informed that Iberia achieved a deal with the representatives of the handling employees which would let them compete both in the handling tenders and in the aircraft maintenance market. To this respect, it is worth noting ActualidadAeroespacial informed that Iberia-Maintenance had reached an agreement with Evelop Airlines to perform the aircraft maintenance at the Iberia’s Barcelona base. 

In this market, Iberia intends to keep the Vueling’s contract, to be awarded in mid 2014. This is essential for the branch to be profitable.

If Iberia reached an agreement on ground handling , they would have succeeded in the negotiations with all collectives, after the deals with pilots and with four out five cabin crew unions.

After the agreements, unions expect the airline announces an increase in routes for the forthcoming summer season. In particular for the long haul flights to Latin America which were significantly reduced last year.


Photo: Iberia A320 / Mikebert4