Madrid charges: Agreement for reduction

Iberia aircrafts at Madrid airport / jmiguel rodriguez

The President of the Madrid Autonomous Region, Mr. Ignacio González, announced yesterday that an agreement with Iberia and Aena has been reached to reduce Madrid charges. Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas is the airport’s brand new name. González anticipated that 17 new routes will be opened.

Last week, the Minister of Development, Ms. Ana Pastor, had met Mr. González, the Madrid Mayor – Ms. Ana Botella – and Mr. Luis Gallego – Iberia’s chairman, to promote air traffic in Madrid airport.

During the meeting, also attended by the AENA’s chairman Mr. José Manuel Vargas, representatives of the Ministry of Development, the City Hall and the Autonomous Region, all parties committed themselves to work in the improvement of connections between different ways of transport by promoting combined tickets.

For their part, Iberia announced that they are working to create new destinations, while the City Hall and the Autonomous Region shall cooperate in promoting tourism in these new markets. In addition, Aena will keep studying the Madrid charges and the whole tariff system to facilitate connecting flights across its network.



Photo: Iberia aircrafts at Madrid airport / jmiguel rodriguez


Source: 20minutos