Canary Islands expect strong grows for winter 2014

Aircraft connected to airbridge at Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport / daniele paccaloni

According to the data we have just uploaded to our Customized Airport Statistics Canary Islands expect strong grows for winter 2014. If we compare the actual offered seats in winter 2013 with the current offered seats in winter 2014 based on the coordinated slots, we find heavy increases of 15-20% in most of the Canary Islands airports.

Canary Islands airports are the most congested Spanish airports for next winter 2014 season. Please find below some highlights. For further information you can go into our application (only for registered clients) and make your own inquires (who operates which route, etcetera).

All the figures below refer to arrival passenger seats offer.

Lanzarote (ACE): 
Based on the coordinated slots there is an offer of over 1.7 million seats which is about a 20% more than the seats which airlines offered last winter.

ACE graph

The first route is the same than last winter ACE-LPA . We can notice a huge increase in two of the stronger routes which are LGW and MAD.

MAD-ACE graph

Fuerteventura (FUE): 
Again, FUE is over 20% more of demanded seats (reaching 1.1 million) if we compare it with the last winter operation.

FUE graph

LPA remains as the favorite route. We can highlight the increases in demand for LGW, FRA and MAN routes.

LGW-FUE graph
FRA-FUE graph
MAN-FUE graph

Gran Canarias (LPA): 
Gran Canarias reaches a demand of 3.4 million seats which is nearly a 15% more of the operated last winter. This increase is over the 13% terminal increase LPA will have next winter season after the terminal improvement works are finished which means that the congestion problem will not be alleviate if LPA keeps the strong demand it is facing in the last seasons.

LPA graph

We can highlight that the bigger route, MAD, has a huge increase without new comers into the route but with heavy increases in last winter operators.

MAD-LPA graph

La Palma (SPC):
La Palma increases about 20% going to over 300,000 offered seats for next winter 2014.

SPC graph

Tenerife North (TFN): 
Tenerife North slightly increases (less than 5%) in offered seats against last winter. Main destinations remain unchanged MAD and LPA.

TFN graph

Tenerife Sur (TFS): 
Tenerife South slot request for winter 2014 is very close to reach the 3 million of offered seats which means over 15% increase if we compare it with actually operated in winter 2013. 

TFS graph

The two more important routes for the airport are still LGW and MAN where the traffic remains shared similarly as it was last winter.

LGW-TFS graph
MAN-TFS graph

Photo: Aircraft connected to airbridge at Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport / daniele paccaloni